Oct 23, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong Apologizes to the Fans

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It looks like our thoughtful Jihoo sunbae is back again! After unveiling his revamped image of cold charisma and his "threatening" toward the fans, many probably feared that our heartthrob Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 has now turned wicked. Don't worry: Hyun Joong is still himself. He proves his sweet demeanor by making a deep apology to his Triples but not for himself. According to the Taiwanese media outlet TVBS, "Korean 'Boys Before Flowers' Kim Hyun Joong apologized to the fans on behalf of his security guards."

But why would he be sorry for the fans who obviously would've slaughtered him in hugs and smooches if it weren't for those men in black suits? Apparently, those security guards took their responsibilities slightly overboard, giving one of the fans a mild injury. On the 15th at the Taiwan airport, where he and his members made a momentary visit after the arrival for the White Gold Disk Awards and SS501's concert, the massive amount of fans swarmed in to take a look at these beautiful quintet. It was also reported later that Hyun Joong was trapped inside the bathroom for a period of time, due to the wave of fans crowding in to view his.... seducing bowel movement. Poor Hyun Joong.

Take a glimpse of how wild the moment was through this fancam. ()

Credit: CutiekSSS

Back to the topic, the bodyguards made their efforts to push away the temporarily insane excited fans away from the boys. It finally went brutal, accidentally knocking down an innocent (?) fan. Although it was a result of pure defense for their clients, this action enraged many netizens.

In response to this unfortunate happening, Kim Hyun Joong stated, "Our dutiful guards were just trying to protect us. I apologize for them pushing you guys so violently."

Even after the colossal fame he received after starring for Boys Before Flowers, it seems like he sustained his original modesty unlike another mighty F4 member. It may be disappointing for fans to see their beloved celebrities turn arrogant - thankfully Hyun Joon isn't one of those guys!

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