Mar 2, 2010

Hitler infuriated with Jaebeom’s departure from 2PM!

Posted by Nez

So I’ve been telling my hardcore Hottest friends to relax since the recent Jaebeom news doesn’t mark the apocalypse, but I guess I was wrong after all – it looks like Hitler (you know, that one guy who tried to take over the world) himself has quite a few words to say about the whole 2PM matter.

And with that, this controversy has fulfilled Godwin’s Law

Obviously, this isn’t an actual clip of Hitler, but rather a scene from the 2004 movie Der Untergang that has been parodized many times now for a variety of topics, from Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD to the iPad; one kpop fan even made a version for SNSD.

The whole controversy has become quite serious and is undoubtedly a sensitive topic for many, but it’s nice to see a little comic relief amidst the mess. Be honest – did this video lift your spirits, or at least make you quirk a smile?

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