Mar 1, 2010

Kara surpasses SNSD’s Oh!

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Kara’s recent comeback has garnered the attention of many! With a hot tune and an even catchier dance, the girls have been soaring over the competition–much so that they have even surpassed SNSD’s Oh! on music charts!

Kara’s hit song Lupin has effortlessly managed to kick SNSD’s song to the curb as they have reached #1 on the music portal site Dosirak. Much different from their previous songs, Lupin is catching the attention of fans with the new visual dance style.

Following SNSD, in third place this week is 2AM with Can’t Let You Go, Even If I Die. Although they still hit it high on the music charts, they have come down one step since last week. Maybe it’s about time to promote a different song off their album.

In fourth place is Big Bang with their newest single, Lollipop Part Two. In fifth is CNBlue with I’m a Loner. The rest are as follows.

6th: Min Kyung Hoon’s It’s Love Because It Hurts
7th: 2NE1’s Try to Copy Me (falling 4 spots from last week)
8th: Lee Seung Gi’s Love Teaches You How to Drink
9th: 4men’s Can’t Do
10th: SNSD’s Star Star Star

Congrats to Kara for hitting it off so quickly!

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