Mar 1, 2010

Nearly thirty fansites close after Jaebeom conference

Posted by Nez

I don’t think anyone was expecting the aftermath of JYP Entertainment’s Jaebeom contract termination & conference to be mild in any regards, and it looks like the widespread impact is shaping up to be quite the movement.

It’s been revealed on Daum that twenty-six 2PM fansites have shut down in response to the recent happenings.

Take a look at the list yourself:

Manchan (Chansung)
I like you (Wooyoung & Chansung)
Samdeudbo (Junso, Junho & Chansung)
Lee Junho Mansae (Junho)
Deadline (Junho)
To the K (Junsu)
Tibet Wolf Wooyoung (우영)
Busan Man (Wooyoung)
Bitter Sweet (Wooyoung)
WRbar (Wooyoung & Junho)
OK Taecyeon (Taecyeon)
Catch You (Taecyeon)
Taecbum dot home (Taecyeon & Jay)
Curiousity (Taecyeon)
Above 5% (Taecyeon)★m
Sweet Taec (Taecyeon)
Ok K 1988 (Taecyeon & Junsu)
3 Musketeers (Jay, Wooyoung & Junho)
Know (Nichkhun & Wooyoung)
Becoming Jay (Jay)

On the day of the contract termination announcement, the official fanclub lost 14% of its members, dropping from 329,000 to 283,000. Currently, the official cafe has 222,186, making a 106,814 loss, or a 32% drop – yes, a third of the official fancafe in the matter of two days.

It’s heartbreaking to see the 2PM fanbase breaking apart like this en masse. Do you think JYPE & 2PM had it coming?

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