May 6, 2010

1st Chapter Of Our Fanfic just released!

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1st Chapter: Introduction

Listen to:
Beast- shock

[No One’s POV] :

All the employers running all over the place and shouting “Run For your life!!”

At the same time the president just enters the CM Entertainment building with all her bodyguards around her.

“Hey! What’s going on here???” Shout the president aka Rinie

One of the janitors stops and says that one member of the bands from CM Entertainment is going to explode the whole place.

“What wait!!? Who is he or she?”

“Miss President there is no female celebrities in your company” said the janitor tiredly

Rinie still don’t satisfy with the answer “Whatever, then who is HE?”

The janitor is shaking very hardly and says “You never believe it Miss P, it was...”

Before he could finish it there are screaming and then he say “Yeah I’m gonna to blow this whole place hahaha XD uhuk3 ouh I wish I can learn how to laugh as a bad guy”

[Kim Hyun Joong’s POV] :

“Ahh~ my throat is so hurt, I shouldn’t laugh very hard” While I rubbing my throat Rinie aka the president shout

“What are you mumbling about up there huh? And why are you wearing a girl outfit?”

I immediately look myself; yep it is a girl outfit. “Well I just don’t like wasting time, it’s the best I could find” yeah a stupid reason ever.

“Hey you were wearing my blazer! And is that my skirt?”

This girl really had a sharp eyes, “How should you know if it yours?” I do really hope that she was lying.

“Well I just dump that skirt into the into the extreme laundry because my cat just pee at it, I still can smell the aroma here”

Oh crap, no wonder I feel like my nose gonna drop anytime. Suddenly “Hey girl I can see your underwear from here” who said that lousy words?

[No One’s POV] :

“You know that you like my aunty wearing her pajama” The vice president has spoken.

“Hey you never know what it feels to not wasting time wearing a complete cloth everyday”

“Whatever, I just want to talk to Rinie that if we don’t take any step then our company gonna bankrupt!” Cyeri screaming like a cat lose it mother.

Hyunjoong is too shock to believe it and suddenly drop the-thing-so-called-boom on the floor and.....................

The smoke is everywhere except that the place not actually explodes.

Then there is few giggling voice in the smoke. They are one and only BEAST.

[Yoseob’s POV] :

“Yes! You all just got prank on me” while I look proud the other member just say “Miss P is he idea to prank you not us” ughh, I know I shouldn’t believe them.

“Why would you do this to me?”

“I just wanna to have fun hee~” OMG, I hope she not thinking to fire me.

“Do you ever learn to respect other people?” said Rinie to all of us. She just walks over us and goes upstairs without looking back.

“She uses to scream or force us to eat rice with orange juice as the punishment what's wrong with her? She looks like as the company is going to bankrupt anytime.”

I look at Cyeri the vice president then she look back at me with her eyes and suddenly

“That’s it! I know how to fix thing back to normal again?”

All of us just say “Huh?” at the same time.

MBLAQ suddenly enter the building while scream and thought there was a fire.

[Lee Joon’s POV] :

“Hey all the bodyguard are collapsed I heard all of them are allergic to smoke, they probably already died.” I just look at  them sadly.

Out of the blue Cyeri hold my shoulder while look at each of every one of us and say

“Pack your bag and ready to go to the school”

Preview to next chapter:
Cyeri send her sis abroad, force Beast and MBLAQ to study, invite 2pm as the teacher
The transfer student just arrives. Guess who is the transfer student??

The 2nd chapter
2nd Chapter: 1st step to school

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Author:Cyeri2806 @

*This fanfic i made it by myself all the character I made base on my own creativity and not their real Characteristic*

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milky009 said...

yay! the first chapter kinda funny though hehe keep up the good work~^^ n oh who actually the transfer student?

achyery said...

ahh~ kinda funny i wonder why actually hyunjoong wearing a girl outfit,neway can't wait to read the next chapter

copycat on May 6, 2010 at 10:18 PM said...

sorry for the chapter to be so short >.<
i'll keep updating and to all you guys keep support me okay! this is my 1st time write a fanfic so please pardon my mistakes

Az94 said...

plez post the next chapter >.< i saw u plotting the next chapter at ur class. can't wait lar.

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