Jan 17, 2016

[Youtubers] My new favorite beauty guru, Wengie!

Posted by Nez
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I've been watching her for awhile, and I just love her style! She so honest with her viewers. Also her contents are always interesting and useful actually. I learned a lot in her videos most of the times :D
Not to mention that she's so beautiful! Amazing skin, for someone with her age she just looks awesome! I don't usually like beauty guru in youtube, since they tend to have similar contents. But Wengie is different in some ways. If you like this type of videos like Wengie did, then you should totally check her channel out!

here are some of her photos :3 she's so pretty!

And here are some of her videos that I enjoyed to watch!

Take out with full credits.
Photos: Wengie's instagram
Videos: Wengie's Channel

Jan 13, 2016

[Youtube] RRcherrypie to Nameless

Posted by Nez
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RRcherrypie is super awesome! I've been subscribed to their channel since 2011! I just love their videos, I watched it all so many times! 
But, as we all know they changed their channel to "Nameless".
This happened because some annoying bastard has been using RRcherypie name in twitter, and pretend as they are RRcherypie.

RRcherypie previously had reported the twitter account so many times! Even me, and others had tried too. But still, the twitter account is there, and no action was taken.
I am devastated when RRcherrypie changed to Nameless, but they still post awesome videos! So that's good for me.
I will always report that imposter until the account is deleted.

[JYJ] Dracula 2016, Junsu.

Posted by Nez
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Kim Joon Soo, "I'm A Dracula Again' 

(Photo : OD Company & CJeS Entertainment/Dracula)

This is so awesome! :D I am so proud of Junsu for this.  
I wish all the best for him! 
Secretly hope that I could go to see this musical, the poster looks so badass though.


Lets CLICK!!

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