Jan 31, 2009

TVXQ’s U-Know YunHo is Indestructible

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TVXQ leader, Jung Yunho (U-Know) is indestructible. He visits the hospital between 30 to 40 times a year, because he's got the money of his health issues. If you are a U-Know Yunho fan, you probably know that he has many scars, big and small, that are on both his face and body.In this close up scene, you can see that Yunho has a scar running down his left cheek, which he got when he was only two years old. Yunho and his mother were playing around on the rooftop when the phone rang. His mom went to pick up the phone, and in that short amount of time, Yunho fell off the roof onto the ground, face down. Ouch. He bled alot from the face, and that's how that scar came to be.

Another scar that many stalkers fans have noticed is the scar on his neck. When Yunho was young, he was said to have a great voice. But eventually, doctors found there was something growing on his vocal chords, and Yunho had to get surgery to remove it. This operation not only gave him that scar, but it also affected his voice.

Now moving on to the scar on his forehead. Yunho has a scar on the center of his forehead, which is easily and usually covered by his hair. He was reaching for a book on the top shelf, when the book shelf collapsed, pressing against Yunho's forehead. I wonder how his forehead held up a whole bookshelf. He is, indeed, indestructible. I wonder if he was at a book store? If he was, he was probably looking for some perverted manga books. Tsk tsk, why else would the book be up so high? Wait, actually no. That would only be the case if it was Changmin. wink

It seems our Yunho was a pretty reckless kid when he was young. There was another time when Yunho fell off a building from the fourth story while playing a game similiar to Hide and Seek with his friends. Supposedly, he found an awesome hiding place.. holding onto a wall outside of the fourth level of the building. Thinking he was safe and hidden, Yunho relaxed. A few moments later, his friend found him and screamed to scare him. Yunho, out of shock, let go and fell to the ground on his back all the way from the fourth level of the building. That's got to hurt.

And let's not forget about the psycho anti-fan who spiked Yunho's drink with super glue in October of 2006. Yunho was taking a break from the filming of a variety show, when he drank out of a bottle which he thought was from a crew member. He vomitted like crazy and was rushed to the hospital after that. I wonder how many crazy fans out there would go far enough to keep Yunho's vomit as a souvenir. You probably think i'm crazy but hey, it may be vomit, but it is Yunho's vomit. What I wanna know is why this psycho chick turned herself in the next day... Fail.

Out of all the incidents, the super glue incident probably scarred Yunho the most. To know someone wishes you were dead was probably the most hurtful of them all.

Hopefully our Yunho stays strong. TVXQ fighting!

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