Apr 30, 2009

Missing Kim Kibum Spotted

Posted by Nez
Since the launch of Sorry Sorry and the third Super Junior album, Kim Kibum has been missing out on all the action. Last we heard, he was working on his acting skills and taking some time off for himself. Now a poster/advertisement photo floating around on the internet may shed some light on the whereabouts of the missing Kibum. The poster shows a long haired Kim Kibum dressed in bright colorful clothes and posing with actresses Lee Yeon Hee, Kim Minji, Choi Ara, and actors Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Bum from Boys Over Flowers.

Although the poster is seen throughout Seoul, fans can't figure out what this is for or where this came from. Just the words 'WE START' and the the date May 2, 2009 are printed on the poster. It has been confirmed that it is for a LG mobile phone CF.

But speculation is clear that we'll be seeing Kibum in other activities such as theater plays, movies, ads, or drama. Kim Kibum's fans are already expecting a lot out of the missing Super Junior member. Fans hope for a love story because of the actresses Kibum is posing with. Could he be headed down a path as leading romance actor?

SM officials previously had said Kibum would not be leaving SuJu and would not participate in any dramas. They still claim that his future in acting is uncertain.
Some behind the scenes. From the pictures, we can see that Yoo Seung Ho is being paired up with Lee Yeon Hee and Kim Bum with Kim Minji. There are no pictures of Kim Kibum with Choi Ara yet but it is only logical.

Dance rehearsals but no sound, credit to queenbee1406.

Take out with full credits.
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