Oct 26, 2009

2PM’s Auction is temporarily closed

Posted by Nez

Because of the overwhelming response from bidders, 2PM's auction has been temporarily closed.

Through an online shopping mall (www.lotte.com), 2PM's stage outfits went up for a charity auction. This auction started on the 23rd but has now been temporarily closed, due to the immense bids the outfits were receiving.

On the 26th, Newsen had a phone conversation with an official who stated, "The auction bids are beyond one's imagination. Therefore, due to the overwhelming response the auction has been closed. It will be re-opened as soon as the bidding atmosphere calms down."

The reason for closing the auction was due to the insane figures. More specifically, because of Jaebeom's outfit, which was nearing $2 MILLION USD. Certain individuals were creating faulty accounts to intentionally raise the auction values of the outfit.

Another official for the Lotte website stated, "This was all for a good cause for the needy animals, but because of a few netizens who went overboard, I feel sorry for the victims. In the future, we will make sure that this will not happen again when the items go back up for auction."

I understand how fans are feeling, but such acts as these are absolutely unacceptable, especially when it's for a great cause to help out needy animals - It's rather shameful and unfortunate.

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