Oct 26, 2009

BEAST’s Doo Joon and Yoseob Get Intimate

Posted by Nez

Judging from the BEAST behind the scenes clip we reported on earlier, leader Doo Joon and fellow group member Yoseob seem to have a lot of fun goofing off together. I'm sure fangirls would love to see another clip of them acting adorably silly, so check out Doo Joon and Yoseob counting down the Digital Music Chart's top five songs for October 25th.

It seems like Yoseob really, really adores his leader. At the 0:33 mark, he runs up and smacks Doo Joon's booty, which was a little awkward. But it gets even more hilarious by 0:56 when they introduce the number two song. Yoseob decides to cling desperately onto Doo Joon, who looks rather exasperated and attempts to shake him off. Left without any other option, Yoseob unleashes his emergency giant pink bow and breaks out the aegyo.

I've been contemplating lately the best way to win Doo Joon's heart. Sing him a song? Write a rap? (Bad idea.) Spell out "Tina + Doo Joon 4ever" in the clouds? They all seemed doable, but hard. Well, thanks to Yoseob, I now know that Doo Joon has a soft spot for alarmingly huge pink bows. I'll just plop one on my head before gazing adoringly at him, and I'm good to go.

Thanks to Kidminaa for the upload!

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