Oct 24, 2009

Jaebeom to Attend MAMA?

Posted by Nez

Just yesterday, Mnet revealed that the replacement of the beloved MKMF Awards would be a whole new event titled Mnet Asian Music Awards, or MAMA for short. This social event present a new & modern approach to nominations and awards.

And it looks like things are about to get even more interesting, because there are talks that Park Jaebeom just might attend!

A MAMA producer met with a Newsen reporter and discussed his intentions of having Jaebeom perform on stage at the 2009 MAMA.

Nothing has been confirmed yet & it is unclear what a performance would exactly entail, but the production team has discussed the idea of having Jaebeom perform with 2PM, and revealed plans to contact JYP Entertainment regarding this personal invitation.

2PM's popularity has grown immensely since its debut last year, and is up for the hefty awards "Best Male Group" and "Best Dance Music". After their activities with Again & Again, which included leader Jaebeom, 2PM has risen the ranks to become one of 2009's most popular idols. With such important nominations, it's doubtful that 2PM would choose not to attend, but fans have been questioning whether we'd see six or seven members present. "If 2PM receives an award [at MAMA 2009], it only makes sense that Jaebeom should stand on stage to receive this award as well."

The producer stated, "I will do everything in my power to try and have Jaebeom perform at the MAMA 2009."

MAMA 2009 will take place on November 21 at 7PM at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium, and will air live throughout China, Japan, Hong Kong and the rest of Southeast Asia on Channel V.

I'm sure many fans will be overjoyed, but at the same time, some readers have expressed joy that 6-member 2PM has finally moved on; even if this turns out to be a single performance, any return of the 2PM's "Leadja" would undoubtedly complicate things... especially with that new album coming next month. But for now, everyone is holding their breath and waiting for what's next. Stay tuned as allkpop follows the future developments of this story! Also make sure to visit the 2ONEDAY Forums.

Source: Newsen

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