Oct 28, 2009

Jaebeom’s Reappearance on TV Causes Stir

Posted by Nez
After a month of silence from Jaebeom and JYP Entertainment, Hottests, kpop fans and seemingly the rest of the world has been holding its breath in anticipation, waiting for JYP Entertainment's next move. And finally the gears are starting to turn again.

Since last Wednesday (October 21), many readers have been abuzz with 6-member 2PM's new endorsement, rumors of Jaebeom's return, the new Infinity Challenge episode taped with Jaebeom before the MySpace controversy, and of course, the highly anticipated Into Sunday Night news segment revealing Jaebeom in Seattle after he bowed out of his group.

Although many were relieved to see their beloved 2PM member again, numerous viewers were perturbed with the relentless filming that arguably invaded Jaebeom's privacy, especially since Jaebeom seemed to have been unaware of the filming until it was too late. As the episode revealed, the producers actually flew to Seattle and found his house, not by scheduling a meeting with Jaebeom, but by asking passerbys, shop owners and other locals for his address. Their chase didn't end there - the show also interviewed Jaebeom's father and brother, then finally found the man in question himself at a breakdancing event. Many Hottests and netizens were upset that the producers never asked for, let alone received, permission to invade his personal life, home, family and everyday life.

On the discussion board on the KBS website, netizens have written over 2000 posts criticizing the producers, calling for an apology from KBS and an end to Into Sunday Night. Looks like even netizens have their limits about the extremities, aggression and ethics of stalking celebrities.

Furthermore, JYP Entertainment also came forward with a statement regarding the reaction that various companies have taken to Jaebeom's departure, including this TV segment and certain stores that have marketed off the controversy. "Jaebeom is taking time to rethink his past acts," a representative stated. "We understand why people are so curious about him; however, we wish that people would take a step back and give him time. Please stop invading Jaebeom's personal life."

JYP Entertainment also responded to a MNet producer's allusion to Jaebeom's possible return on MAMA, simply stating, "He could come... he could also not come," leaving many fans and netizens disappointed by the false hopes in their hearts by the producer's suggestive words.

Although JYPE has come out with such statements against publicizing Jaebeom's situation, it is doubtful that the hot reaction will die down soon. Regardless, a representative stated, "We believe that Jaebeom and his family will only feel more pain with this invasion into his personal life. If such events continue, we ourselves will step in to stop such intrusions."

Though it's completely understandable and admirable to see many people going out of their way to advocate their LeadJa's return to a 7-member 2PM, Jaebeom's well-being lies at the heart of this entire issue. Hopefully the hype will die down soon, and we wish Jaebeom, his family, the rest of 2PM and JYP Entertainment the best of luck in this difficult situation.

Source: Hankooki

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