Oct 28, 2009

Jo Kwon gets his first kiss?

Posted by Nez

Not quite, but he almost did!

Jo Kwon has admitted to the public many times before that he's never dated or kissed anybody. With Jo Kwon's outgoing personality, it's hard to believe he's never gotten close to a girl but you better believe it.

When Jo Kwon was on Chat with Beauties today, he admitted once again that's he's never kissed anyone and everyone thought he was lying. Then the MC told one of the girls, Bianca to show Jo Kwon what a kiss is like.

The two get up in front of everybody and get over the awkwardness. Shortly after, Bianca furiously grabs Jo Kwon in for a kiss and just before it was about to happen she pulls back. She probably didn't want to stop there but I think she knew she was on national television.

Jo Kwon commented afterwards, "Now that I've looked at Bianca up close, I like her!" Although the kiss didn't happen, there's still Ga-In!

Check out Bianca trying to steal Jo Kwon's first kiss!

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