Oct 26, 2009

Many Phases of G-Dragon

Posted by Nez

Big Bang's Leader, G-Dragon, is known for his crazy concepts over the years. So, I decided to compile all his looks bad or good together! Check it out!

I was watching G-Dragon perform "A Boy" on Popular Song today when it hit me. What would happen if he ran out of ideas on what to wear. Would he end up wearing this:


This gets me every time...



What a cute mouse and/or furry thing....

Other than those two wardrobe malfunctions, there are actually times when his eccentric side is pleasing to the eyes. For a guy, he does have a good fashion sense on somethings and he is courageous enough to try them out. Actually, he may be the only one who could pull them off.


We should get together some time and count shoes! ^^

I have to say the pink skinnies are quite cool. I hate big necklaces, but I would make an exception for Chanel. The sailor hat is a good look, as well. SNSD wasn't the only ones rocking those cool hats.


Lets say this is a picture that words can't describe. I am filled with happiness. Although, it is uncommon to see men in a one-piece. He really does look manly in it.


The buttons may say a lot, but you can't deny the fact that it is pretty edgy.

Cheetah print + profanity= sexy

At least on him....


The outfit and hairstyle scream asymmetrical, but it still has an edgy side that makes me want to try it.


I love the acid wash jeans. It comes off as punk rock meets the 80s.

I thought blonde would never fit him, but it rubbed off on me.

The last time I checked I wore glasses. So, I can be wrong when I said that his eccentric side had some good points. Acceptance is still pending for these outfits:





Whether his outfits are good or bad, we still love him for his music and personality. He is eccentric and thinks out of the box when it comes to his music and wardrobe. Recently, he has been sporting some normal wear for a change.


Okay, maybe his hair is not normal, but it does look good. It brings out his features. Generally, his outfits either distract us or blinds us. Anybody else want that hoodie? I know I do!

Drop a Comment on how you feel about his general style or whether you like his current hairstyle!

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Anonymous said...

does anyone know where i can buy g dragons acid washed jeans like he wore in the heartbreaker music video

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