Oct 30, 2009

MBLAQ Replies to Fans on UFOtown

Posted by Nez

Like another rookie group before them who recently hopped on the same bandwagon, Rain / Bi's proteges MBLAQ also made time during their hectic schedule to reply to some comments on UFOtown. The Korean messaging service website, which is known to be very popular among artists / groups like Wonder Girls, G-Dragon, FT Island, etc., serves as a convenient means of communication between the artist(s) and their fans.

The short video clip below shows the quintet--with the exception of their leader--responding to a few lucky users online.

cr: absolutemblaq


"Q: What kind of messages are you replying to?
Mir: The ones with the most hearts in them
Chun Doong: We want to reply to all of them but, right now...
Mir: This message reads, 'Because of you, I can't go to sleep and I can study better. I'll think of you and study really hard. Oppa fighting! ♥'
What is your reply?
Mir: 'Think of me while you're studying and become a great person!'
CD: What is that?
Mir: [defensively] What?
CD: This message is the first one that I'll be replying to. It reads 'Chun Doong, come out. Over'
My reply is very straightforward: 'Chun Doong has come out. Over'
Q: A word to the fans?
Mir: Please send us a lot! Each and every one of them gives us encouragement and makes us happy.
CD: We'll reply whenever we have the time so please send us a lot. I think it will be fun for both us and the fans. Please send us a lot.

GO: I will be replying to a message that reads, 'Oppa, you look like a model. So charismatic~'
[GO's reply] 'Maybe I should have been a model...'
Q: What kind of messages do you really want to reply to?
GO: Questions that are a little different and fun... I like to reply to questions where my answers can be fun for them to read.
Joon: This message reads, 'Your abs are amazing! ♥'
Q: A word to the fans!
GO: Please send a lot [of messages] to MBLAQ on UFOtown. Even during our busy schedule, we will try our best to send as many replies as possible.
Joon: We only sleep 1 hour a day anyways. We'll just keep sending replies. Don't worry about not getting a reply and freely send messages to us. But, by any chance, if you happen not to receive one... please don't hate us. We'll visit the site frequently because it's fun.

SH: Hello, I am MBLAQ's leader Seung Ho.
Because of my schedule, I finished last today so i didn't get to take part today so I'm disappointed but ill try to take part later. please send lots of messages!"

With all these different means for celebrities to interact with the public, fans of Korean artists should consider themselves quite lucky.

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