Oct 28, 2009

U-Kiss Comeback Revealed?

Posted by Nez

The 6 member group U-Kiss is rumored to be coming back soon... but will it be the same group you know and love?

The NH Media boy group, U-Kiss is going to comeback with a new album. On their official website it states that they're going to have a comeback stage on the November 5th edition of M! Countdown with a single off of their new album... but not as a 6 member group. The boys picked up another member during their hiatus. The new member is Lee Ki Sub and he's pretty young, being born in 1991. There's hope now for all you teenage girls out there hoping to score with a celebrity (you know, other than the jailbait group known only as SHINee). Check out the photos of him below, thanks to bojoong for the tip.

Practice Video with only 5 members (you can hear some of the music) :

cr: ukissmusic

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