Nov 7, 2009

G-Dragon, a victim of plagiarism?

Posted by Nez

Looks like the Heartbreaker might get his heart shred in two again, but this time the tables have turned! If you take a look at the cover of Maslo's controversial BLACKOUT album, it's easy to see the reason behind the buzz - with his eyebrow-raising cover design as well as the Blackout song which was revealed recently, the popular underground hip hop artist went out of his way to mimic G-Dragon's Heartbreaker song and the controversies tied to it.

This song has been spread and popularized by netizens, who had mixed reactions. Some VIPs and fans are offended by this "anti-GD" song. However, those that are advocating legal action for the plagiarism are facing a predicament - after all, if YGE gives Maslo heat for this track, why can't Sony call YGE out for the original controversy in the first place?

Some even speculate that this was a deliberate viral marketing scheme taken to pave the way for Maslo to enter the mainstream music scene. However, others are skeptical because Maslo is already widely successful underground and hasn't expressed any desire to switch scenes.

Furthermore, dissing other artists is typical on the underground scene, so many fans are rolling their eyes at this over scrutiny. One netizen in particular joked that, if Maslo were ever accused of plagiarism, he would reply, "No, I sampled Flo Rida's Right Round."

Listen to the track yourself:

cr. iluvfReSH

Don't get me wrong - I absolutely love Big Bang, but to be honest, I think that Blackout, as a song, is pretty catchy. I feel bad for G-Dragon though - the poor boy didn't even produce this song, and he's already supposedly been under fire by Epik High (?) and now another hip hop artist.

Aside from the blatant plagiarism, what do you think of this track? Should fans gather up their troops and storm over to Maslo's underground haven with torches and pitchforks in hand, or should Blackout be dismissed?

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