Nov 25, 2009

Jo Kwon was asked to stop his Ssanti dancing?

Posted by Nez

All of you probably know 2AM's Jo Kwon as the ultimate ssanti king, and he's probably damn proud of it too - but there was a time when some higher-ups had asked him to refrain from his infamous famous dances.

On this week's episode of KBS 2TV's Imagine More, famous idol group members including Park Gyuri, Goo Hara, Han Seung Yeon, Narsha, Ga-In and Jo Kwon guest-starred. One of the topics they talked about was the hardships they had to face. And Jo Kwon had an interesting anecdote of his own to share: "When I was finished with my 8-year-long training period and was finally ready to debut, I did my ssanti dances in a lot of the TV programs that I starred on and saw my name in a lot of articles. I thought, just because I'm a ballad singer doesn't mean that I should just sit quietly all the time on TV programs."

"However," he added, "Park Jin Young (JYP) constantly called me every day, asking me to stop doing that on TV." It doesn't look like even JYP could stop the ssantiest of the ssantis, though, since he hasn't stopped since then (and hopefully won't).

He also went on to talk about more of his hardships, and said "There were attendance cards at the practice studios during my trainee days. I had to check off the card when I came in the morning and when I left. If I was even one minute late, the consequences were very scary." Hopefully, JYP won't use these "scary consequences" against Jo Kwon for continuing his reign as ssanti king. Remember to visit the 2OneDay Forums.

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