Nov 9, 2009

Jo Kwon’s cryptic message on Cyworld

Posted by Nez

2AM's Jo Kwon recently updated his MiniHompy with a few words to express his wishful thinking regarding Jaebeom's return. Although it may not be directly stated that Jo Kwon is urging fans to "keep going" until Jaebeom comes back, the implications of it are relatively obvious.

He wrote:
"1:59, 2:00"
"Keep Going"

The term "1:59", which has been coined by Hottests, refer to a 6-member 2PM without their leader Jaebeom. Jo Kwon's feeling of "longing" has also been experienced by fangirls from around the world as they witnessed the fallen leader take his leave from the group.

Assuming the theories mentioned above are true, it is heartwarming to witness 2AM's leader demonstrate support for 2PM's leader. After all, the former has must have spent a lot of time and made many memories with the latter considering the fact that they have both trained under JYP Entertainment for several years together.

Lately, Jo Kwon has been recovering from swine flu and is planning to resume his activities again soon while 2PM will make their comeback on Inkigayo next week. So look forward to the highly-anticipated performance, which allkpop will be sure to update you with as soon as possible.

Credit goes to jina_bing_bang@2ONEDAY for the Jo Kwon's Cyworld translation.

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