Nov 30, 2009

Kangin to return for SPAO?

Posted by Nez
Because of all the drama the k-pop industry is going through currently, it seems like the infamous stories of Kangin's uncontrollable alcoholism has cooled off a bit.

However, as Kangin made an appearance for a brand new clothing company called SPAO through their website, the controversy has been reignited. Kangin's appearance has enraged netizens since SM Entertainment had made a clear declaration that they would be suspending all of Kangin's activity until the end of the year. Which SM is somewhat holding true to, because the shots seem to be taken prior to Kangin's DUI incidents.

But regardless of when the photos were taken, netizens still believe displaying Kangin to the public is not right, at least for the time being.

Netizens have expressed,
"Exposing his face to the public is still considered an 'activity'."
"Do you think we are stupid?"
"We do not even want Kangin to quit or a resign from the group. But he should still keep his promise."
"Why haven't you guys arrested this kid yet?"

E-Land World, the holder of SPAO revealed:
"We have already filed a memorandum of understanding with SM in mid July. The ad was filmed before Kangin was involved in various accidents. We cannot provide a specific date when the actual Super Junior ad will be aired on TV. However, we do not have any plans to cut out the part where Kangin appears."

Although using a careless alcoholic as the posterboy for your brand isn't exactly the best decision a company can make, netizens should give it a rest.

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