Nov 11, 2009

Kimi Wa Petto to be Remade.....

Posted by Nez

and Kim Hyun-Joong is to be casted....

Oh Snap! Kim Hyun-Joong is now to be casted for the Korean re-make of the 2003 Japan Drama Kimi wa Petto (Your My Pet). Kim Hyun-Joong was last casted for the Korean re-make of Boys Before Flowers. I personally liked him in it for the first few episodes, but then I drifted away from the drama and never came back to it. I have watched the original Boys Before Flowers and I did the same thing. The only thing that kept me in there for the long run was Oguri Shun. My God is he hot!

Back to the point, Hyun-Joong seems to be in the spotlight for remakes this year. Just like his previous re-make, Matsumoto Jun was the lead actor in both dramas. So, can I infer that they have an eye out for Hyun-Joong to play the role of Matsumoto Jun in Kimi wa Petto?

The contract is in the works and should be finalized and made official soon. From my perspective, Kimi wa Petto is a great drama that I really love. I don't think it can be remade that easily because Jun is just like the best singer-actor that I know of. Hyun-Joong, I just can't see him in that drama as the flippant Jun or even the boyfriend. There are lots of Korean actors that could play this part so well. Who comes to mind? HongKi! Hongki, based off his acting skills in "You're Beautiful" would definitely portray the character well. However, I can be wrong. I hope he does prove me wrong, but nonetheless this is one of my favorite dramas of all time. I can't bear to see it messed up

I have high hopes for you! Do a Good Job! ^^*

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