Nov 7, 2009

Kpop Fun Fact #1: SHINee’s ‘domino’ greeting

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Fun Fact Of Kpop #1.

Group SHINee has been the topic amongst netizens recently, not only for their growing number of #1 won on music charts and music shows with their recent hit ‘Ring Ding Dong’ or for the fact that member JongHyun was down with swine flu, but there has been a thread of discussion about something interesting regarding their greeting.

Go under the cut to find out about their ‘domino greetings’.

It seems that the natural instincts of the Korean netizens being sharp at the smallest things are working up.

A netizens compiled many of the group’s greeting and bowing photos and found that they really have a ‘domino effect’.


Other netizens say:

  • “kkkkk As I scroll down, I can’t help but laugh out loud… this is so funny and the boys are so freaking cute”
  • “Ahhh this is funny”
  • “These kids are so cute. So they do 90degrees bow? I hope they do well”
  • “I like it that they are really polite in this sense. And it’s funny even if you can’t see their faces in the photos”

I love the photos! Hope JongHyun gets well soon!

Take out with full credits.
Credit:K BITES

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