Nov 9, 2009

MBLAQ and BEAST are homies

Posted by Nez

Although rookie groups MBLAQ and BEAST have been compared to one another a number of times, even on various allkpop articles, there is hardly a rivalry between the two.

Video clips of Mir dancing to BEAST's Bad Girl and Yo Seob dancing to MBLAQ's Oh Yeah have been floating around online, gaining much interest from fans of both parties. While one group was practicing their song on Music Bank, the other was watching the rehearsals behind cameras. Unable to suppress their instinctive impulse to dance, the two members busted out in an imitation of each others choreography.

vid: absolutemblaq

vid: laughandgiggle28

If the video clips didn't suffice as ample evidence of MBLAQ and BEAST's growing friendship, perhaps the following pictures and gifs will sway your opinion. In particular, Mir and Dong Woon, who are the maknaes of their respective group, seem to be very close.

Image Image Image
Image Image

A friendly competition between two boy bands who debut around the same time is not only inevitable but healthy; however, a friendly interaction has a powerful effect to warrant fans of both groups to support each other, benefiting everyone involved a larger fan base.

Instead of critiquing one group for a particular flaw that the other may not have, let's just share the love amongst MBLAQ and BEAST equally. After all, eye-candy is much sweeter and lasts longer than all the leftover Halloween candy you received from trick-or-treating this year combined.

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