Nov 30, 2009

The meaning of 1:59PM?

Posted by Nez
2PM recently performed at K-POP Night in China, Shanghai on the 25th. The 2PM members were mobbed, as there were lots of fans waiting for them at the airport. Dozens of fans were even trying to follow them with their taxis and cars, stalking the car 2PM was riding on. What was more interesting were the thousands of fans in 2PM's performance, who were holding placards saying, "2PM=7."

When 2PM was in their prep room, they were asked if their first album's title, 1:59PM, means the missing spot of Jaebeom, which many Hottest fans are interpreting by.

The members commented, "It means that we are waiting for Jaebeom hyung. But because he isn't here right now, it couldn't be 2 o'clock." They were then asked if the album title also meant that 2PM is incomplete because of Jaebeom. Their response was, "Yes it does."

This idea came from their producer, Park Jin Young. They commented, "During our discussions with our producer Park Jin Young, he brought up the idea of 1:59PM. We thought it was a good title as we were waiting for Jaebeom hyung."
Ever since before their promotions of their title-song Heartbeat, they have been called the "beastly idols." Regarding this title, Taecyeon commented, "Originally, the word 'beastly' used on males were offensive, but because the fans gave us this name after watching our performances, we are satisfied. There is a pride in the meaning as it holds a wild masculine image." He then joked, "But after the fans recently saw our 'Heartbeat' choreography, they are now calling us 'zombie idols.'" The members commented, "The [zombie] choreography doesn't depend on acrobatics and it was an experimental performance."

Wooyoung continued, "Our bodies are like general orthopedics. We try various actions and we get hurt. The choreography that each of the members perform at the end of Heartbeat always changes. Our backs, wrists, ankles, etc - there isn't a place where it doesn't hurt."
Although 2PM has been successful in Korea as they won MAMA's Artist of the Year Award, their future success in overseas is questionable. The members commented, "Although we are getting lots of love in Korea, we are curious how the people overseas will react. It is unfortunate that we are leaving [Shanghai] on the 26th, but we will be back as a guest for the Wonder Girls' Shanghai concert."

Nichkhun was also asked about his performance at MAMA with Ivy and how she had to shut down her minihompy due to the outrage from some fans.

He commented, "During the performance with Ivy noona, I was a bit embarrassed. But I am sorry for Ivy noona. A performance is just a performance, I hope you guys look at the whole completeness of the performance itself."

Stay tuned to 2PM's guest performance on December 1st at Wonder Girls' Shanghai concert!

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