Nov 10, 2009

Nicole’s Childhood photo revealed!

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After the recent unveiling of the pasts of our K-Pop resident fairies, such as Goo Hara, Park Gyuri, and Ga-In, another celeb has been added tonight on MBC Sunday Night Star Ranking! While some celebs were proud to see their similar-looking past-present photos, others were ashamed to publicly display their "pre-surgery" photos. Of course, no one shall ever know whether they actually went under the knife or just had a dramatic make-over. But one thing's for sure, no celebrities look as beautiful as they are now, back when they were younger.

Now, let's see if this little superstar fixed her face before joining the K-Pop realm. Who is it, you ask? None other than the host of the show herself, Nicole of Kara!

Many of you might be familiar with the style of her photo - classy black-and-white printing, corny little smile forced by the photographer, a boring backdrop... Yes, this indeed is a picture taken in the United States, extracted from her seventh grade school's yearbook. Nicole of Kara, as most of you fans already know, was born and raised in Glendale, California.

I am pretty sure you guys are astonished by the significant differences between the Nicole, then, and the Nicole, now. Although her irresistible smile remains the same, her make-up-less face is very much new to most of us. Lee Sung Mi, one of the hosts, expressed, "It feels like she was a quiet and diligent student." She must be good at judging people, since she was recently recognized as a genius by her fans for her first place ranking in academics back in her middle school days. After carefully analyzing the picture, Kim Goo Ra made the studio burst into laughter by saying, "Excellent with no surgery." After the discussion over the photo was done, Nicole quickly folded the picture in half and moved onto the next topic.

So what do you guys think?

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