Nov 9, 2009

The reason behind HyunA’s tears?

Posted by Nez

4NIA and netizens have been abuzz speculating why member HyunA seemed to be crying during 4minute's Music Core performance this week.

We still have yet to get an official statement from Cube Entertainment, but the latest speculation is that HyunA caught a cold due to the heavy rain at the Open Concert, which was broadcast three weeks ago. Since cold symptoms tend to take a week to show up, HyunA's illness wasn't revealed until the first episode of Invincible Youth nearly a week later.

HyunA has been known to have weak stamina (the young rapper was taken out of Wonder Girls due to chronic gastroenteritis), and since 4minute is currently swamped with a rigorous schedule, the vigor and illness supposedly took a toll on HyunA, leading to her visible discomfort during her performance on the 7th.

Others are skeptical of this rumor, because it seems strange that someone would cry during a performance due to a cold. Hopefully Cube will come out with a statement soon.

Swine flu, sepsis and now the common cold... let's hope all of these celebrities get better soon!

Thanks to kueensora of the awesome 4Minutes Forums for the translation.

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Source: WGCN + 4minCN,ALLKPOP

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