Jan 31, 2009

G-Dragon, Big Bang’s 4th Member to Go Solo

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G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji Yong) will be Big Bang’s 4th member to go solo.

YG Entertainment said, “There are plans to have G-Dragon’s first solo album release in April.”

Since last year, G-Dragon has been preparing for his debut solo album. He will also participate in writing the music and lyrics, as well as being introduced as a music producer.

The agency said, “First, Seung Ri’s solo activities will be focused on, and then G-Dragon’s in the spring. The first half of this year will be spent on Big Bang’s individual member activities.”

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DBSK PINKY 3月: TVXQ tattletales

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My Goal for 2009
YH: First of all, I'd like to improve my Japanese-speaking ability. Also, I'd like to grow both emotionally and internally. In my private time I'd like to go to Las Vegas! I went before for work, but shooting while looking at the Grand Canyon and the wonderful scenery is something that really remains in my memories!

My Recent Favourite Item

YH: A hat I got from someone, by a brand called "Clover". When I want to look cool I use it to hide one of my eyes a little, and when I want to look cute and fashionable I push the hat to the back of my head and put on glasses. This is something I was taught by a famous fashion editor!

This Is What's Cool About Yunho!

YC: I think the part of him that properly protects his friends is really cool. I love the Yunho that treasures "a man's friendship".

JJ: He's manly! The bigness of all of Yunho's gestures and actions, that kind of thing is really cool. When he sings and when he dances, too.

JS: He's really professional and someone who will do his best and work hard for absolutely anything. I think that's wonderful.

CM: He's manly. He's a person who treasures friendship.

I Want Yunho To Stop Doing This!
YC: Lately it seems like he's been having various problems, and when he's off from work he's not with the members, but is constantly together with his friends. It makes me feel just a little lonely... I've been close to Yunho since the very beginning so I don't take it to heart, but let's contact each other a bit more. Whether it's time to have a meal or time to just talk, let's make more and more of them!

JJ: Sometimes his actions are too big, and when he talks or dances, there are times when he hits the people next to him (laughs)! Yunho totally doesn't notice. I have also been hit by him, a lot of times.

JS: The amount of things he forgets is outrageously huge~! His wallet, cellphone...there's just all sorts of stuff he quickly loses or forgets. The members worry at those times. It's fine since he always finds his things, but it's that kind of, there are so many things he forgets and loses that it's like if he loses everything he might be left with nothing.

CM: It would be good if he tidied up our room just a bit more! It's not just our room, he has this habit of messing things up anywhere he goes~

To Yunho: I Wasn't Able To Say It Before, But I Confess...
YC: Yunho invited me to have a meal with him and his friend who is a Korean entertainer. I promised I would go too, but when I got home I was really tired. I came to feel, "I'm not really in the mood..." and called him to turn him down. I'm sorry for not keeping my promise that time!

JJ: Don't talk on the phone in my bedroom! Yunho doesn't talk on the phone in his own room, he talks while going back and forth, here and there, between the other members' bedrooms and the living room and stuff. Whatever it is, in my bedroom, just don't talk on the phone there!!!!

JS: I know very well that being in the leader's position is really difficult, but...until now and in the future too, you've really done your best and will keep doing your best for Tohoshinki. I am grateful.

CM: I might look like the type of person who doesn't like tidying up, but I am extremely particular about cleanliness! Unexpectedly!! UNEXPECTEDLY!! Yunho scolds me too much for being like that. But I....can't say this to Yunho.


My Goal for 2009
CM: Since I spent 2008 going back and forth between Korea and other countries, this year I want to study properly again, and get a little better at Japanese. I want to work hard on my singing and dancing too. In my private life, I'd like to make this a year in which I'm able to grow a bit more for myself. I want to learn the guitar too!

My Recent Favourite Item

CM: A book called "The Secret". It contains methods for how to increase your motivation in order to succeed. This is a book that's always placed beside my bed. I've been reading books a lot lately, so I've come to carry this with me. If I work hard I've been able to finish one book a day before!

This Is What's Cool About Changmin!
YH: Personally, I think Changmin is coolest when he's swimming. He has really beautiful form.

YC: Changmin is a man of little words. The part of him that doesn't talk to people based on his feelings or things he thinks of in that particular moment, but carefully listens to what the members and staff members have to say, and properly thinks them over before speaking, is cool.

JJ: He's tallll, he's youngggg, he's smart and he's good at Japanese. His ears tooooo~, his eyes toooo~, his mouth toooooo~... (CM: DON'T TOUCH ME~!) He's nothing but things to be praised for, isn't he!

JS: Changmin is really diligent. It feels like he's more of an adult than I am. He's a person of good manners.

I Want Changmin To Stop Doing This!
YH: He gets scared if there are things that don't go well. He gets depressed. Even if we encourage him he doesn't listen to us at all. He'll go up to the rooftop by himself.

YC: It's a little like, I don't really know what he's thinking about. But he changed for the better from last year onwards. I think it's cool how he carefully thinks about things by himself, but if we could talk about all sorts of things.....This is just my hope though, he's fine the way he is right now!

JJ: He's a little dirty. He messes up the living room. (CM: I tidy up in Japan!) Also, at times Changmin gets really scary. Like the devil (laughs). Even if I point that out about him, he'll definitely never admit it! But he's normally gentle.

JS: He makes fun of me too much!! And then he laughs at it, it's annoying. It's like he's in love with me. That makes me happy but it's also troublesome, doing nothing but being made fun of!!

To Changmin: I Wasn't Able To Say It Before, But I Confess...
YH: I'm the leader, and Changmin is the youngest. But there are some parts about us that are similar. I am really grateful that he's always watching over his selfish older brothers. To be honest. But I can't say that because I'm the older brother. I'm going to use PINKY as the opportunity to say this. Thank you, and I love you!

YC: There have been a lot of times where I've been having troubles and Changmin happens to contact me by coincidence. I think it's almost like my feelings are expressed to him even if I don't say anything. That kind of thing becomes a great source of energy for me.

JJ: This time during this interview, the real Changmin has been exposed......I'd like to apologize for that. Sorry!

JS: Even though he's the youngest, he really always brightly does his best in the midst of his older brothers. There have been times when I've thought, "How cute.." and "He's wonderful."


My Goal for 2009
JJ: I want my body and age to stay this way.....and to only become more of an adult mentally. I don't want to gain any more years. I want to keep living like this. Work-wise, I want to become even busier this year!! Manager-san, please give us even more work!! Please!!!

My Recent Favourite Item

JJ: This is used to tune notes. When you strike it, it gives the sound of the note "la". When we are singing chorus, we strike this and coordinate our notes. When I saw the Gospellers carrying this around and said "I should carry one around too...", they gave it to me as a present. Out of the Tohoshinki members, I am the only one who has this.

This Is What's Cool About Jaejoong!
YH: He's cool when he calms down and talks to me. When he speaks seriously I realize that he really has all kinds of thoughts.

YC: He's so honest that he's easily fooled. There's a part of him that immediately trusts people. But I like that about him. He has passion.

JS: He really thinks about us. It's expressed in everything from his words to his actions. His consideration for others is also cool.

CM: He seems cold from his appearance. But on the inside, he's warmer than any of the members. That's something that I might have to learn from him.

I Want Jaejoong To Stop Doing This!
YH: His jokes are uncool. They're really funny but he tells them at the wrong times! Sometimes he ends up bothering the members too!

YC: Jaejoong is really busy right now because he's doing his music activities as well as his drama. So when he gets even a little time off, he goes wild. I'm worried about Jaejoong's health. I understand how he feels, but please pay a little attention to your body!

JS: Soooometimes, I come to not understand Jaejoong (laughs). Jaejoong's moods are like a rugby ball, you don't know where they're going to fly. We've had interesting times because of that, so it's not a bad thing. But there are also times where it's a bother to us.

CM: He comes into the house still wearing his shoes~ and this is (whispers) the same as Yunho too..........(sighs). YOU MUST TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES.

To Jaejoong: I Wasn't Able To Say It Before, But I Confess...
YH: Lately Jaejoong has been having other work and is really busy. That may be so, but he's been doing his work as Tohoshinki with all his heart, not falling sick, and doing it all safely. Thank you.

YC: Jaejoong and a friend and I, the three of us, were having a meal at a bar in Korea. In Korea we don't really split the cost, we take turns to pay. That day it was my turn to pay, but I forgot my wallet.....and so Jaejoong paid for us. It was soju so it shouldn't have been that expensive. I didn't do it on purpose!

JS: I think that because Jaejoong is here, Tohoshinki has gotten a lot better image-wise and singing-wise. Of course, we can't do it without all the members....but I am especially grateful to Jaejoong for that aspect of his.

CM: There are times I observe Jaejoong for no reason. He tells me, "ENOUGH! DON'T LOOK AT ME!!", but I want to see more of Jaejoong's instinctive behaviour!! (JJ: He peeks at me from between the cracks in the door!) I am interested in everything about Jaejoong. Yes.


My Goal for 2009
YC: If I have the time, I think I'd like to go on a trip overseas with my mother and younger brother. To Europe or like, various other places. Anywhere is fine! My goal work-wise is to do my best at composing music that is good enough to be able to offered to other artists. I also want to practice singing more and get better at it!

My Recent Favourite Item

YC: Francfranc candles. Lately I haven't had much room for comfort both time-wise and mentally, so I haven't been able to sleep well. Since I've got various things I'm worried about..... So I light up a lot of this type of candle and recharge. I buy them quite a lot in Korea too, and I've got lots of other different ones! They're unexpectedly expensive, aren't they...(T/N: I did some research and depending on which Francfranc candles he buys, they could cost him anywhere from 8USD to 40USD each D8)

This Is What's Cool About Yoochun!

YH: His figure when he composes music and plays the piano is cool. Since he really puts his emotions into them, those are the times his truest figure shows.

JJ: His figure when he gives his all and plays music is truly cool. And it feels like he lives life his own way the most. It's amazing how everything to him is done "my own way", but he never causes trouble to the people around him.

JS: He's good at creating an atmosphere that will suit that particular situation, bringing everyone together, and taking leadership. The aspect of him that definitely achieves whatever he thinks, "Let's do this" about is also amazing. He's a man of actions rather than words.

CM: He's a deep-thinking person. He has a deep (profound) heart. He has a different kind of manliness from Yunho's.

I Want Yoochun To Stop Doing This!
YH: Asking me to have supper with him. You know how men have a sense of honour, or like, deep emotion? Yoochun says it really well. He says, "If it was me, and you asked me, I'd eat with you. How about you, Yunho?" When he does that I get gradually weaker and weaker....and I end up saying, "Let's go just for today!"

JJ: He always sleeps with the fan on. It seems like he likes the cold, so even in winter he doesn't warm up his room! Yoochun is the only one who's constantly saying, "It's hot it's hot!" But we're cold.

JS: His moods change easily. When he's feeling down, everyone also takes this into consideration (laughs). When Yoochun is feeling dark, everyone becomes dark. That kind of aura he has is amazing. Today's Yoochun? He's seriously high, isn't he!

CM: He always asks me to join him when he's having supper. HAVEN'T YOU GOTTEN EVEN ME FAT ALREADY?! (T/N: He means Chun has gone through all the members and has now even managed to fatten Min 8D)In the middle of the night he goes, "Let's go to the ramen shop!" or whatever, and in the house we've got instant ramen and yakisoba and so on, nothing but things that you end up seriously wanting to eat. (angry) He says, "It's lonely to eat alone!"!!!!!

To Yoochun: I Wasn't Able To Say It Before, But I Confess...
YH: Since Yoochun left his cellphone to charge and went out, I disconnected his charger and put in my phone for about thirty minutes. It was a complete crime that no one knew about.

JJ: I've arbitrarily eaten Yoochun's presents. Till now I've done it not once, but countless times. Food~, or like health drinks~..........I always think I'll never get caught....I'm sorry!!

JS: He always gives the most response to even my unfunny jokes! Thank you.

CM: Up till now I've borrowed two books from Yoochun....and made them my own........I'm sorry. (JJ: Isn't that being a thief?!) But I REALLY wanted to read those two books!!!!!!!


My Goal for 2009
JS: In 2009 I really want to do my best and hold an independent Tohoshinki concert standing on the stage of Tokyo Dome. In my private life, I want to go on a trip. The destination can be anywhere! Whether it's within the country or overseas.... Since I think I'll be able to get that kind of time. And I want to energetically give everything my all!

My Recent Favourite Item

JS: BVLGARI's perfume "WEEKEND FOR MEN". I tried out lots of different perfumes and really like this one. I have lots of perfumes, but right now this is the one I like the most, so it's always in my bag without fail. It'd be bad if it broke, so I put it properly into a box and carry it around with me!

This Is What's Cool About Junsu!
YH: He's cool when he sings. It's like he's not Junsu.

YC: He's pure. I think he's a guy that suits that word 100%, and he always elevates the members' moods. I think that aspect of his, is a really great one.

JJ: The Junsu that stands on stage is the coolest. The singing, dancing Junsu is the best!

CM: I think he's the funniest thing in the world! I worship him! My mood really elevates just by watching him.

I Want Junsu To Stop Doing This!
YH: If he goes into his own room he plays games forever and doesn't come out. He might even be a pro gamer. His presence disappears to the point where we start to wonder whether he's really just left the house. If all of you were with us for a day you'd be shocked too.

YC: Junsu doesn't drink alcohol and he doesn't smoke cigarettes. I like alcohol. I love the atmosphere of a place with liquor ♥ But Junsu goes home and does nothing but play games. I'd like him to go out once in a while and meet his friends.

JJ: He's annoying (immediate reply). And, I want him to say what he wants to say properly till the very end. He changes the topic in the middle of what he's saying and is all over the place. I always have no idea what his conclusion is.

CM: He's too bright......IT'S ANNOYING! His voice is so loud!!!

To Junsu: I Wasn't Able To Say It Before, But I Confess...
YH: I have a hobby of collecting coins. I'd massage Junsu and say, "Okay, 300 yen ple~ase," in a charming way, and Junsu would point to a table and say, "Take 300 yen from that small change there." When I went there was 400 yen there, so I took all of it. It was a complete crime.

YC: Since we're both the same age and are friends, even though we're joking around there are times I say too much and am too harsh on him, and I really regret it later on. I'm really sorry for that. Thank you for always being so kind to me.

JJ: When the other members are being interviewed, or when it's the other members' turns to talk, shut up (laughs). Tohoshinki is a five-member group, so we have a sort of order for each person to receive questions and answer them, right? But he just arbitrarily talks. For example even when it's something Changmin is being questioned about, Junsu will go, "Ah~~, Changmin right~" and answer everything. When it's time for questions for the other members, shut up!

CM: The joy of my life, is the discovery of Junsu's funniness! There was one day where he told this to me. He said, "That's enough so stop looking at my face!" It seems he receives stress just by my looking at him.

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The Honey Boys will Dominate 2009

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Excellent Entertainment has made the bold statement, that their new group "Honey Boys," will dominate the K-Pop scene in 2009. Funny, because I haven't heard anything about them, yet they already have an MV out, as well as a CD. And who the hell is Excellent Entertainment? Anyway, the "Honey Boys," consists of 2 members (profiles below) and well, bold claims of domination won't make a difference. They kind of, pretty much, suck.

Si Woo (시우)
Position: Rapper
Real Name: Kang Byeong Soo (강병수)
Born: February 18, 1984

Sinnan (신난)
Position: Vocalist
Real Name: Lee Chang Min (이창민)
Born: October 18, 1985

Album: "Honey Boys - Sweet"
Genre: Electronic / Dance / Pop
Release Date: January 27, 2009

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Big Bang’s Concert is a “Big Hit”

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Big Bang's first concert of 2009 has come and gone, ending in a big success for them, but not for some of their fans. Approximately 13,000 fans gathered at Seoul Bangidong Olympic Park to watch their vertically-challenged idol group perform a total of 23 songs and two solo performances. Popular songs like "Haru Haru", "Sunset Glow", and "Last Farewell" were performed while solo performance's included Taeyang's "Look at Me" and Daesung's "Big Hit".

Unfortunately for 30 of their fans got so excited singing along, that they collapsed! YG Entertainment announced that those 30 were taken care of and that all of the fan's recovered completely before they left the area. With concerts going on until Feb 1st, and 52,000 people planning to watch in all, lets hope no one else collapses from excitement. Or we could all just stand on the sidelines and laugh at how ridiculous the situation gets. But honestly, seeing as how many people are planning on coming out, I guess Big Bang really is a "big hit."

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[NEWS] Single Released in Korea, ‘Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide’

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Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide is TVXQ's 25th single which was released in Japan on 21st January and became an ORICON topper both in Daily and Weekly Chart, making TVXQ the first foreign group to have ORICON #1 for 6 times in Daily basis and 5 conscutive times in Weekly basis in Japan.

Bolero is a song composed by Girl Next Door's member Suzuki Taepo who also composed their former hit, Love in The Ice whose Korean version is also well known in Korea. This song also becomes the main soundtrack of a Korea-Japan-Hong Kong joint movie, Subaru.

While Kiss The Baby Sky and Wasurenaide are songs composed by TVXQ's members Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong, respectively. Kiss The Baby Sky was used as background song of a Japanese show, Zoom In! Super and Zoom In! Saturday (from October to December).

Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide single was released in Korea with the same spesifications as the Japan version. Available in 2 jackets, jacket A which contains CD + DVD and jacket B which contains a CD.

Take out with full credits. Source: Central Daily News + Hey JJ + Mr.TVXQ + Misu@TVXQINDO Written By: Sharing Yoochun Shared By: Kpop Jjang+ Copycatmemory


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[Photos] Memory of Oh Won Bin Ft Island

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Memory of Oh Won Bin while he was still with Ft Island.They have such a wonderful time together.I've just wish he never left Ft Island lol~

This is requested by some of our readers and Ft Island fans(who called themselves as Primadona).I knew that the news has shocked all Primadona.I've been shocked too when I hear the news about him leaving Ft Island.I think it's hard for the fans to accept anyone that will replace his place because it'll never be the same.

Anyway,let's remember Oh Won Bin with good memory.Cheer up all the fans and let's wish the best for him ^^


Lee Minwoo: Between love and friendship, I’d choose love now

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During the recording for the latest episode of SBS’ Love Generation - the discussion topic was regarding choosing between love and friendship - singer Lee Minwoo (M) shared his experience of having his then-girlfriend snatched away by his friend while in high school.

Lee Minwoo related, “When I found out that my friend liked my girlfriend too, I called him out. I gave him a punch and I asked him if he really liked her. He said yes, and I told him to go date her then.”

Although Lee Minwoo coolly chose friendship over love, he said that if this should happen again, he will not unconditionally choose friendship anymore. Instead he will put love as his priority.

After revealing in last December that he is dating Amy, they have been spotted going on dates. On the other hand, Amy will also be returning to TV with the reality series “Bad Girls’ Diary Returns”, premiering on 5th Feb on the cable channel O’live.

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TOP to transform as Kang Maestro for ‘Beethoven Virus’ parody

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Big Bang TOP will transform for Big Bang’s ‘Beethoven Virus’ parody for their ‘Big Show’ concert which opens on 30th January.

The parody is named ‘Big Bang Virus‘, based on MBC recent drama ‘Beethoven Virus’. And in the parody, TOP will transform as Kang maestro played by Kim Myung Min in the drama.

TOP will mimic Kim Myung Min’s hairstyle and also his special accent for the parody, which will be hilarious. He will also imitate the famous line from the drama ‘lump of sh*t’ said by Kang Maestro in the drama.

‘Big Bang Virus’ talks about Big Bang members’ auditions before their debut. The female lead will be played by SeungRi, there will also be a kissing scene played by TOP and SeungRi in the parody.

Already, Big Bang had done parodies on ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘Coffee Prince’ previously. Again, their new parody will become the talk amongst netizens and fans.

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[Edited photos] DBSK wallpaper

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This wallpapers were made by our pics editor,Cyeri(she just learnt how to use photoshop) and I think it's ok for a beginner like her ne??Do comment the pics that our blog edited so that we can improved and become better ^^

Goo JunPyo Look-alike Worth 1.5 Billion Won?

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Well not the boy himself, but the business he runs successfully supposedly has revenues of 1.5 Billion won.

As hard as it is to believe, Goo JunPyo's look-alike is actually known to be an uljjang. The online shopping mall that we talked about in the last article is actually worth 1.5 billion won (about 1.2 million dollars). Cha-ching!

His name is Kim Min Joon, and he is the CEO of this successful KRW internet shopping mall. He's also a model that came out on Mnet TV's Flower Boy Tricky Situation O_O Damn, so this guy might actually be living the real rich life of our dear Goo JunPyo. Although this guy isn't as good looking as our sweetheart Goo JunPyo, I gotta give this boy props. At this young age being the CEO of that successful business?

So, to all the people who called Goo JunPyo's look-alike "pathetic" in the last entry, including myself, we have been proved very wrong. I'm sure, to many, he's looking a lot better already.

n other news, if you didn't hear the news already, Kim Min Joon will be appearing on SBS Star King on January 31st on the special Double F4 Men Beauty Contest along with other claimed F4 look-alike contestants. So we'll see wannabes look-alikes of Yoon JiHoo (Kim Hyun Joong), So YeeJung (Kim Bum), and that other guy no one cares about Song WooBin (Kim Joon) as well. Can't wait!

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TVXQ’s U-Know YunHo is Indestructible

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TVXQ leader, Jung Yunho (U-Know) is indestructible. He visits the hospital between 30 to 40 times a year, because he's got the money of his health issues. If you are a U-Know Yunho fan, you probably know that he has many scars, big and small, that are on both his face and body.In this close up scene, you can see that Yunho has a scar running down his left cheek, which he got when he was only two years old. Yunho and his mother were playing around on the rooftop when the phone rang. His mom went to pick up the phone, and in that short amount of time, Yunho fell off the roof onto the ground, face down. Ouch. He bled alot from the face, and that's how that scar came to be.

Another scar that many stalkers fans have noticed is the scar on his neck. When Yunho was young, he was said to have a great voice. But eventually, doctors found there was something growing on his vocal chords, and Yunho had to get surgery to remove it. This operation not only gave him that scar, but it also affected his voice.

Now moving on to the scar on his forehead. Yunho has a scar on the center of his forehead, which is easily and usually covered by his hair. He was reaching for a book on the top shelf, when the book shelf collapsed, pressing against Yunho's forehead. I wonder how his forehead held up a whole bookshelf. He is, indeed, indestructible. I wonder if he was at a book store? If he was, he was probably looking for some perverted manga books. Tsk tsk, why else would the book be up so high? Wait, actually no. That would only be the case if it was Changmin. wink

It seems our Yunho was a pretty reckless kid when he was young. There was another time when Yunho fell off a building from the fourth story while playing a game similiar to Hide and Seek with his friends. Supposedly, he found an awesome hiding place.. holding onto a wall outside of the fourth level of the building. Thinking he was safe and hidden, Yunho relaxed. A few moments later, his friend found him and screamed to scare him. Yunho, out of shock, let go and fell to the ground on his back all the way from the fourth level of the building. That's got to hurt.

And let's not forget about the psycho anti-fan who spiked Yunho's drink with super glue in October of 2006. Yunho was taking a break from the filming of a variety show, when he drank out of a bottle which he thought was from a crew member. He vomitted like crazy and was rushed to the hospital after that. I wonder how many crazy fans out there would go far enough to keep Yunho's vomit as a souvenir. You probably think i'm crazy but hey, it may be vomit, but it is Yunho's vomit. What I wanna know is why this psycho chick turned herself in the next day... Fail.

Out of all the incidents, the super glue incident probably scarred Yunho the most. To know someone wishes you were dead was probably the most hurtful of them all.

Hopefully our Yunho stays strong. TVXQ fighting!

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Jan 30, 2009

[Edited photos] Boys Over Flower

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Edited by:Cyeri

FreeStyle Unveils YooBin Character & Event

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JC Entertainment’s basketball game, ‘Free Style’, is being updated with a character for YooBin from the popular group the Wonder Girls.

The update—which will be implemented on February 1—is the second for ‘Free Style, the Second Half’ since last December. The last update featured ‘SoHee’, ‘YeEun’, and ‘SunMi’ characters. The upcoming update will feature not only the ‘YooBin’ special character but also an exclusive collection featuring the Wonder Girls’ wardrobe and hair-dos.

This exclusive collection is particularly special because it offers a variety of styles representing each of the Wonder Girls’ hit songs including the ‘Nobody Style’, the ‘Tell Me Style’, and the ‘So Hot Style’. In addition, users who purchased items from the first update will not only have an opportunity to get their hands on the special bonus Wonder Girls outfits but also Wonder Girls hair-do items that can be used on regular characters as well.

Through this new update, ‘Free Style’ is hoping to sustain the same level of popularity seen from the first stage of the ‘Free Style, the Second Half’ update.

Meanwhile, there are also plans to launch an event along with the update. In the ‘Take the Wonder Girls~!’ event which lasts until February 8, all users who purchase Wonder Girls characters will receive a specially produced Wonder Girls desktop calendar. Relevant information can be found on the ‘Free Style’ homepage (fs.joycity.com).

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Source: Spectacle! Forums
Credit: Suh JungGeun@JoyNews
Translated by: ppoki@Spectacle!Forums

TVXQ’s MIROTIC album was Selected as “2008 The Best Asian Album” in France

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A Japanese music French site “Minu-Ne” conducted a ‘French J-Music Awards 2008′ and “MIROTIC” won by 11.7% votes as The Best Asian Album.

Even though the site is concerned to J-Music, however the award itself is more to ASIAN music, excluding Japanese.

The runner up of this award was taken by Korean sexy diva Lee HyoRi with 6.1% votes for her “It’s Hyorish!” album, Jolin Tsai (Taiwanese) on third for her “Practice of Love Language” with 5% votes. Quite surprising, TVXQ’s ultimate rival in most Korean polls, Big Bang “just” went to the 4th together with Jay Zhou’s “Capricorn” and Rain’s Rainism was on 7th.

Meanwhile, “2008 Japan Best Female” was awarded to Utada Hikaru with her single “Prisoner of Love”, and “American Men’s Single popularity” went to Gackt’s “Jesus”. J-pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki also succeed in taking over “2008 Japan Best Album“

Best Asian Album’s winners were decided by voting conducted one time in 4 years for French residences who loves J-Music.

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Source: sharingyoochun
Credit: Chosun

France: TVXQ Wins Best Asian Album of 2008
01- DBSK - MIROTIC : 11.7%
02- Lee Hyori - It’s Hyorish : 6.11%
03- Jolin Tsai - Love Exercise : 5%
04- Big Bang - Number 1 : 3.89%
04- Jay Chou - Capricorn : 3.89%
06- Rainie Yang - Not yet a woman : 1.67%
07- Rain - Rainism : 1.11%

Original (English) article where you can find the whole ranking of artists.

Source: minsarang
Credit: DBSKnights

Tohoshinki 4th Japanese Album: The Secret Code Tracklisting

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This is another heads-up for the TVXQ/DBSK/THSK fans. It will be released on March 25 (?).

●Beautiful You
●どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Doushite Kimi wo suki ni natte shimatandarou/Why Did I Fall in Love With You)
●Nobody Knows

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Source: minsarang
Credit: Krilla@LJ + Ivanne@AF

Flower Boys Lee Min Ho - Kim Bum To Take Place of Jo In Sung - Jo Seung Woo as "Sexy Icons"

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"Boys Over Flowers" Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum are already gaining popularity in their own right, but it has been said they will take over the empty spots left by Jo In Sung and Jo Seung Woo.

Jo Seung Woo secretly enlisted in the army on December 15th of last year, sent news from his training center on January 23rd. And the actor that shows his exceptional acting skills in "Ssanghwa Store", Jo In Sung, will also be enlisting in the army this coming March. The two men, who lit up the screen with each of their performances, have left two large spots to fill.

And the two up-and-coming boys that will be the ones to fill these spots are none other than Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum. The two are currently filming "Boys Over Flowers" and there have been talks of the two starring in a movie together.

One film critic's concern is that, "With the number of 'love calls' Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum have been receiving these days, that's enough in and of itself to create a script" and "As of now, even if these two only agree to star in the movie, it will have such a great effect on the public. Also, these two are both great all around actors and will do well in any role they're put in and because of this more people will be interested in their work."

Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum, who's popularity has exploded because of their drama "Boys Over Flowers", will have no problem getting new work, as interested parties have already began to move in order to get the boys in their new roles.

Lee Min Ho is currently playing F4 leader, Goo Joon Pyo, in "Boys Over Flowers". With his trademark curly hair, this arrogant and stubborn second generation heir has gained public favor and captured the hearts of women everywhere.

Kim Bum is currently portraying playboy So Yi Jung. His good looks, suave personality, and his keen fashion sense are all helping him becoming the next generation "fashionista".

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Translation by rOothx33 @ soompi.com

2008's Top Domestic Movies at Japanese Box Office (Final)

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Ponyo, Hana Yori Dango Final topped all films, including Indiana Jones

The Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan has posted a list of domestic movies that earned an estimated 1 billion yen (about US$11.1 million) or higher in box office gross receipts. Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull finished with 5.71 billion yen (US$61.5 million) as the top imported film.

1. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
2. Hana Yori Dango Final
3. Suspect X (Yōgisha X no Kenshin)
4. Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl: Giratina to Sora no Hanataba Shaymin
5. Partners: The Movie
6. 20th Century Boys -Chapter 1-
7. The Magic Hour
8. Doraemon: Nobita to Midori no Kyojin Den
9. A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies
10. L change the WorLd
11. Departures (Okuribito)
12. Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear
13. Paco and the Magical Book
14. Detroit Metal City
15. Kabei: Our Mother
16. Flowers in the Shadows
17. The Black Swindler (Kurosagi)
18. The Glorious Team Batista
19. 10 Promises to My Dog
20. Shaolin Girl
21. Kitaro and the Millennium Curse (Gegege no Kitaro: Sennen Noroi Uta)
22. Happy Flight
23. Crayon Shin-chan: Chō Arashi wo Yobu Kinpoko no Yūsha
24. Climber's High
25. Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna
26. Sanjuro
27. Season of Snow
28. Sand Chronicles

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VIZ Pictures announces DVD release of Live-Action Death Note 2: The Last Name feature film

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VIZ Pictures, an affiliate of VIZ Media, LLC that focuses on Japanese live-action film distribution, has announced the highly anticipated DVD release of DEATH NOTE II: THE LAST NAME, based on the hit supernatural action mystery manga (graphic novel) and animated series. The DVD will feature both the original Japanese dialogue with English subtitles and the English dubbed version by the outstanding voice cast of the animated series. The Red Hot Chili Peppers again contribute the theme song. Bonus features include a special segment, “Making of DEATH NOTE II” and the original Japanese theatrical trailer. The DVD will carry a suggested retail price of $24.92 and will be distributed in North America by VIZ Media. The estimated street date for DEATH NOTE II: THE LAST NAME is February 10, 2009.

DEATH NOTE II: THE LAST NAME is the sequel to the phenomenal hit live-action movie DEATH NOTE, based on the hit manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The DEATH NOTE live-action DVD, released in September 2008, was ranked as #1 in Japanese Films in North America and #34 in the Live-Action category. As the sequel of DEATH NOTE and once again directed by the renowned monster filmmaker Shusuke Kaneko, DEATH NOTE II: THE LAST NAME concludes the titanic battle between the two geniuses Light and L.

The story picks up with Light Yagami (Tatsuya Fujiwara) joining the investigation team in pursuit of the serial killer known as ‘Kira’. While L (Kenichi Matsuyama) still strongly suspects that Light is ‘Kira’, Light continues to seek out the real name of L so that he can kill him with his Death Note. Making things even more unpredictable is the ‘Eyes of Death’ that the second Kira possesses, enabling the owner to know the true identity and lifespan of any person. Light Yagami soon learns the identity of the other Kira and wants to join forces to get rid of L. Will L be able to catch “Kira” before he gets killed? Who will be the last name written in the Death Note?

“We’re very excited to announce the highly anticipated DVD release of DEATH NOTE II: THE LAST NAME,” says Seiji Horibuchi, President and CEO of VIZ Pictures. “Is Light Yagami a crazed serial killer or merely society’s self-appointed solution to crime? DEATH NOTE is the latest manga and anime series to gain widespread international popularity, and the success of the first live-action film has primed audiences for this edgy sequel. As interest in DEATH NOTE continues to grow, we invite fans to delve into the psychological drama of this newest release from VIZ Pictures.”

VIZ Pictures has also announced 2 special giveaway promotions to coincide with the DVD release. Fans are encouraged to go to www.viz-pictures.com and answer the quick survey before February 28. 10 random winners will be selected to receive a special DEATH NOTE II poster.

Readers of SHONEN JUMP magazine are encouraged to enter the exclusive DEATH NOTE II contest where 10 lucky fans will each win a copy of the DEATH NOTE II DVD, and 3 very lucky fans will each win a copy of the DVD and an autograph from one of the lead actors (Kenichi Matsuyama, Tatsuya Fujiwara and Erika Toda). Contest details will be in the March 2009 issue of Shonen Jump magazine, which will hit newsstands on February 3.

The DEATH NOTE manga and animated series have become extremely popular domestically. The 37-episode animated series is seen by millions each week on cable broadcast and the series is also distributed on DVD by VIZ Media (rated T+ for Older Teens). On the print side, DEATH NOTE 13: HOW TO READ, a companion volume to the successful manga series, also published domestically by VIZ Media, was recently ranked in USA Today’s Top 150 list of America’s best-selling books.

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090128 FM Yokohama Asian Groove- Changmin Special

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TVXQ: We are TVXQ. Moo~ (imitates a cow). "This year, we will work hard too" series.

Max: Good evening everyone, this is Changmin from THSK. Please listen to our new song, "Bolero".
MC: "Bolero" has been released. The guest for today is Changmin. Please take good care of him!
Max: Please take good care of me.
MC: 2008's been an excellent year. What are the top 3 best things that have happened, in Changmin-kun's opinion?
Max: Top Three, ah, eh, first...
MC: Why don't you start from the last! Fanmeeting or something? What's in third place?
Max: The arena tour.
MC: The arena tour.
Max: Yes. The second was returning to the Korean stage after 1.5 years.
MC: Really?
Max: Really.
MC: Then what's the first?
Max: I got myself a dog.
MC: Really?
Max: Really...?
MC: What breed is it?
Max: Its a Maltese.
MC: What's its name?
Max: Mangdung. Its the name for a species of fish in Korea; although its really tiny, its very pretty as well.
MC: Ah, so that's what it means. Is there anything you would like to challenge in the year 2009?
Max: Ya~a lot.
MC: It must be something personal.
Max: I want to be a CAO (some sort of competition similar to swimming)
MC: I'm quite good at that~
Max: Really?
MC: Really, I can teach you a little.
Max: -claps- that's great!

MC: I succeeded because my friend taught me. Its quite strict. You need to warm up first before you swim. Make sure your body is well prepared.
Max: I know how to swim, but I'm not really good at the butterfly stroke. I wish to improve on my butterfly stroke,
MC: Butterfly stroke, requires a lot of your shoulder strength and a flexible waist.
Max: Yes, the requirements are really high.
MC: Yes, the requirements are very high, so do learn the butterfly stroke this year! Continue to work hard!
Max: Yes.
MC: You can't perform that right.
Max: That's right. Its something personal.
MC: Today's test will be to evaluate whether you're a good man. Did you understand the rules when a similar test was carried out in the programme last week?
Max: I understood.
MC: Guys and girls tend to want different things and express themselves differently when they get what they want.
Max: That's right.
MC: So, please tell us, do you feel happy when you get something from a girl? How would a guy hint to a girl to let her know that that she has given him what he wanted? Please talk about it. You were dating on a very cold day, and your girlfriend arrives at the designated meeting place with a lot of difficulty. What would say then?
Max: I'd say something like "Its really cold." She's my girlfriend, right?
MC: Yes.
Max: I think I'd say what I would normally say, because she's my girlfriend.
MC: Really?
Max: Really.
MC: That would do right? Nobody knows what will happen if you did that. Everyone feels its a good answer, right. On your birthday, she made you a hand-knitted pullover.
Max: Personally? Oh, okay, I understand.
MC: You received a hand-knitted pullover from your girlfriend with thanks. However, you find it a bit too small, and your girlfriend has on the "What should I do now?" expression. Please show some masculine gentleness.
Max: I've put on some weight recently, its a really great way to remind me. Something like that, to make her feel more at ease.
MC: What about your expression?
Max: I'd act like its okay.
MC: What a nice guy Changmin is!
Max: Ha ha.
MC: Next, a really bad thing, you mixed up her name with your ex-girlfriend's name. What do you do now?
Max: Oh... ah... I got her name wrong.
MC: For example, you called her "Yuriko" instead of "Midori". And "Yuriko" is your ex-girlfriend's name.
Max: That would be really bad, its very embarrassing.
MC: Really embarrassing.
Max: Very embarrassing. That's not right. I will take note of it in future.
MC: You will pay more attention. Then, what next?
Max: That's really bad. If it happens, we might end up breaking up.
MC: You met a girl you really like, and she's the only one in your heart. If you were to say something romantic to her, what would it be?
Max: To her, it might be something really insignificant. I'd sing, I guess. Tell her that I'll only sing for her from now on.
MC: Really~that's great!
MC: Currently, that's what girls like best. Which song would you sing?
Max: Eh.. a song of confession. Fukuyama Masaharu's "Milk Tea".
MC: Ah... try singing it.
Max: *sings* This is a really great time to sing a song like that.
MC: Yes. Now let's take a look at the score. 100points!
Max: Bravo. My love. Year
MC: Just like Jaejoong expected.
Max: Ah~! Jaejoong expected it?
MC: Yeah. It feels great to get first place today. Lastly, a THSK song for everyone. Changmin, what's a song that you like, other than "Bolero"?
Max: I hope everyone has a happy winter holiday, so, "Forever Love".
MC: Thanks for coming today~

Take out with full credits.
Source: xietinloveshero
Credit: SO学会爱 @tieba.baidu + OurMax沈昌珉中国后援站
Tanslated by: Banana-chan @xietinloveshero

7th Annual Korea Times Music Festival!

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Other than the various failed Kpop acts active in the U.S. at the moment, this is practically the only chance for the American fans to get up close and personal with their favorite artists. Information regarding the annual Korean concert, which this year will be taking place as always at the Hollywood Bowl on May 9th, has been announced. The first batch of artists includes Girls' Generation, Lee Juk, Lena Park, Kim Changwan Band, and Mr. Son Ho Young, who will perform as well as MC. Can you say awesome?

As someone who decided to attend last year at the last minute and sat about a mile out, let me tell you, tickets sell out fast! You will be able to purchase them starting Jan. 31st, so get yours soon, because the show is well worth however much you have to shell out for the seats and the flights across the country.

Generally they will announce the most popular artists in March. Last year Super Junior, Fly to the Sky, SG Wannabe, and DBSK were all there! Could you ask for more? Korean fans don't even get to see all of these artists in one concert. Christmas for American fans or what? Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on allkpop.

The Seating Chart and Prices

How to get your tickets.

1) Online via Website
http://www.koreanmusicfestival.com KOREA TIMES MUSIC FESTIVAL or KoreaTimes.com KOREA TIMES TICKETS (There is a Service Charge)

2) Phone via Korea Times (LA): 323.692.2055 | 323.692.2068 | 323.692.2187 (There is a Service Charge)

3) Walk In Korea Times Los Angeles (The Office will be Open this Saturday at 10:00am) (There is no Service Charge)

Credit: Soompi hb thread.

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Lee Seung Gi spends the Lunar New Year in Japan

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Lee Seung-ki spent the past Lunar New Year holiday not with his family but with his fans in Japan. The 21 year old not only greeted them in Japanese but also sang his hit song “You are my girl” in Japanese. Needless to say, the fans went crazy.

Oh and on a side note, he also shared some of his new year’s resolutions which included focusing on his singing career more and one day appearing on Japanese T.V.

Looks like he has a lot to do this year in order for this to happen.

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Oricon Top 10 Album Daily Charts - Kumi Koda takes the #1 spot (1.28.09)

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Kumi Koda takes the #1 spot with “TRICK” and good debut for Miho Fukuhara. Mai Kuraki drops to #8 and again, similar to a trend in 2009, not many albums are holding their footing for more than a week. 9 out of 10 of the albums this week are all new.

1. Kumi Koda - TRICK
2. Miho Fukuhara - RAINBOW
5. C-ute - Akogare My Star
6. FLOW - #5
7. Hoobastank - Fornever Deluxe Edition
8. Mai Kuraki - touch Me!
9. Hitoshi Matsumoto, Mitsuyoshi Takasu - Hososhitsu
10. lego big morl - Quartette Parade

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Fans Will Choose Kara’s Next Promoted Single

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Fans will be able to determine the next song promoted from Kara’s mini album “Pretty Girl” by popular vote.

Kara’s agent said, “Starting from January 29, you can vote on Kara’s official website to determine which song will be promoted next.”

Kara’s mini album “Pretty Girl,” minus the title song “Pretty Girl,” has 4 other songs to choose from: “Honey,” “Yodelei,” “My Darling,” and “I’m… (Ing)”.

Fans can vote starting from January 29 until February 1 on Kara’s official website (http://kara.dspenter.com). The next promoted song winner will be announced on February 1.

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Credit: Newsen+Asianfanatics

DBSK: B-Pass Feb 09 Interview

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Translation are from magazine scans here.

Next, the interview is on their new projects, and a recap of 2008 where they made huge progress. DBSK continues to have our attention on them with their 4th album coming out in March as well as Nationwide Arena Tour, which will kickstart in May.

Did you guys benefit from the recording [of Bolero]?
JJ: I mostly heard my own voice when we were recording. After that, it was really important to listen to the others' voices and sounds. I got a shock when I heard Yoochun's high note at the part where we all did a falsetto.
YC: Thank you.

Was that part YC's idea?
YC: Initially, I used a lower key than what was in the CD, but the feelings couldn't really flow. So I tried using a higher key after listening to the CD...
JS: Genius, genius ah.
YC: No, no. *laughs* Even so, my idea's not that bad.
YH: Indeed he's a genius.
JJ: Genius.

Genius ah! *laughs* What is Junsu's impression towards Bolero?
JS: Singing it personally, I thought it was a really impressive/grand song. Simply singing it made me feel better. The entire melody was well written, and even the beat was very unique. The arrangement was interesting as well. The PV shooting also left a deep impression on me, because we were singing the entire day, from morning til night. That's how we managed to come up with a PV that has a very strong "live" sense.

What about Changmin?
CM: The composers were the exactly the same as the ones who wrote "Love in the Ice", and the song has the same sense of grandeur as LITI. I think its an excellent song, and singing it makes me feel better. I look forward to singing it live.

I hope to hear the live version as well. I'm especially looking forward to the "genius" part.
YC: I'm really worried.

Is that so?!
YC: I've really got to practice. Put in hard work *laughs*

Along with Bolero, there are 2 other songs in this Triple A side single, one composed by Yoochun and the other by Jaejoong.
YC: My song's the B-side song.
JJ: Then, my song is the "Ramen" song. ("side" and "noodles" have the same pronounciation xD)
*all burst out laughing*

JS: Ramen! *laughs*

Then, "Bolero" is the A-side song (A-mian), "Kiss the Baby Sky" is B-side(B-mian), and "Wasurenaide" is Ramen (La-mian). Alright, so now let's talk about Yoochun's "Kiss the Baby Sky".

How's the general impression?
YH: It feels really great, although the lyrics sound kind of urgent, the melody is lively. Even so, I think this difference is YC's style.
CM: It's a good song. There are many falsetto parts, which is also the feeling YC gives others.
JS: Its a song that makes one feel urgent yet happy. Its one of the rare, classic DBSK songs. The repeated lines were sung in falsetto, which is YC's style; I think it really fits the song. I sing the part after the first verse and the repeated lines, which you can sing after listening to the song just a little. Listen carefully and you can feel it.
JJ: When I was listening to it, I thought, "YC's a genius!"

Then, the third song, "Wasurenaide".
YC: It would be an unforgettable song even if it was titled "Please Forget".
JJ: I had thought "I hope it can be included in the Japanese album" since the initial composition began.

DBSK's single uses songs to express 3 different kinds of love. There are many songs about love; now what colour would you use to express your ideal kind of love?
YH: I would use white.
JJ: I'd definitely use red. Its the colour of passion.
YC: I'd use black. Two parties meet in black, and when they do, many other colours come out of it. When the love deepens, you can then find the colour in which the love ends.
YH: No, I think its white. A pure heart would be the truest.
CM: I'd think its blue. You focus on the other party and don't see anything else around you, that's the kind of image.

Lastly, Junsu...
JS: Love is transparent.
YC: No colour?
JS: No. When two people meet, the colour spreads little by little, as if it had dropped into the water.
YC: Unlike mine?
JS: No. You wouldn't be able to see any colour that's on top of black, right? But you can see all the colours added onto something that's transparent. If it doesn't turn out well, you see black; if it does, it become white; when its passionate, its red; and it becomes green like grass when you're having fun. I think its rather nice to have it constantly changing.
YC: Your explanation makes it sound so meaningful.
JS: Exactly, exactly! Love should be truthful/honest. If you look at it from the angle that love must be honest and trusting, then its transparent.

What do you hope to achieve in 2009, then?
JS: I want to read more than I did in 08.
CM: I want to read more books too. I'd read whenever I had time in 08. Be it novels or short stories, I hope to read more.
YC: I'd want to go travelling with my family. If I can, I'd go to Switzerland, and Europe.
JJ: I'd want to become busier. I feel less muddled when I'm busy; and I want to become more passionate by passionately facing what I do everyday. It feels great to be busier and to receive more care and concern when I'm young. I also would like to challenge some new things, and I'd want my wishes to come true.
YH: I'd like to build up some more experiences as well. First would be snowboarding. Although going for a drive or exercising relieves stress, I'm really into snowboarding now, so I'd like to go snowboarding this year.

So, what is it that DBSK hopes to achieve in 2009? Can the leader please tell us?
YH: Firstly, we would like to hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome. We had promised to "see everyone in a larger venue" in our Arena Tour, so we hope to achieve that by holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome. Other than that, we hope to take part in many different kinds of activities and to have more chances to meet our fans.

Take out with full credits.
Credit: 流川梓@Tieba.Baidu
Translated by: Banana-chan@Xietinloveshero

WG First Solo Concert Details

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According to JYPE’s post on the Official WonderFul Daum Cafe.
‘The Wonder 1st’ Concert in Busan

Date: March 21, 2009 (Saturday)
Venue: Busan KBS Hall
Ticketing will be updated later.

Tickets for ‘The Wonder 1st’ Concert in SEOUL is out for sale since 5pm [+9GMT], this evening.
Get your tickets for ‘The Wonder 1st’ Concert in SEOUL, HERE. [not sure if tickets are still available].

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Source: Spectacle! Forums
Credit: Sunmijjang+Asianfanatics.

Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Jung are chummy

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Who would have known that on-screen rivals, Goo Hye-sun (middle) and Lee Min-jung (right top) are friends in real life. Lee Min-jung will be the new woman in Lee Min-ho’s life in the #1 drama, “Boys over flowers.” The 25 year old is set to stir trouble on February 16th.

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Big Bang ‘Big Show’ concert insured at 15.3 billion KRW

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Idol group Big Bang’s solo concert has been insured up till 15.2 billion KRW of compensation of any misfortune ahead of its opening.

YG Entertainment said, “We do have our concert performances insured everytime, but since this time the scale of the concert is bigger with more audience crowd and staff expected in the Olympic Stadium, we want to be more careful about it.”

There will be 4 shows to Big Bang’s upcoming concert seeing a 40,000-strong audience crowd.

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Source: kbites

DaeSung aiming for driving license

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Big Bang DaeSung will be taking his driving test.

YG Entertainment revealed on 29th January, “DaeSung passed his course test in mid-January.”

It was said that DaeSung passed his written test last December. If DaeSung was to pass the test to get his license, he will be the first member to get his license in Big Bang.

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'Gag Concert' Most Watched during Holiday

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Amid the lack of any major special programming for the lunar New Year holiday, a special edition of KBS 2TV's standup comedy show "Gag Concert" scored the highest ratings during the holiday.

Ratings pollster TNS Media Korea says "A Very Special Gag Concert," which aired Tuesday, posted 17.2% ratings as the most watched holiday program.

Trailing that show was SBS's "Star Junior Show - Like Parent, Like Child" (14.9%), KBS2's "All Star Singers Shall We Dance" (14.2%), SBS's "Star Experts Show" (12.5%) and MBC's "Wacky Star Theater 'Eomeona'" (11.6%).

Among the top ten, four were SBS programs, three KBS2, two MBC and one aired on channel KBS1.

Among movies aired over the four day holiday, the Korean film "The Voice of the Murderer" on SBS topped the ratings chart at 14.8%, followed by the Korean handball film "Forever the Moment" on SBS (11.1%), and the Hollywood flick "The Bourne Ultimatum" on MBC (10.7%).

Among the top ten films, nine were Korean films excluding "The Bourne Ultimatum", of which six aired on SBS and two each aired on KBS2 and MBC.

In a poll by AGB Nielsen Media Research, SBS's "Star Junior Show - Like Parent, Like Child" (16.6%) topped the ratings followed by KBS2's "A Very Special Gag Concert" (14.2%), KBS2's "All Star Singers Shall We Dance" (14.0%), SBS's "Common Sense Scandal" (12.3%) and KBS2's "Big Star X-File."

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Source: KBS

BoA advance into top 10 ranks on Billboard

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BoA has advanced into the top 10 ranks of American Billboard chart for the first time with her American debut single ‘Eat You Up’.

The song ‘Eat You Up’ was up on #8 position on the ‘Hot Dance Club Play’ chart for 7th February, rising up 4 ranks from #8 on 31st January.

Meanwhile, BoA will be releasing her debut American full album on 17th March named ‘BoA‘ aiming the mainstream American market.

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