Jan 7, 2010

Concert attendees petition on G-Dragon’s behalf

Posted by Nez

After facing possible arrest, Big Bang’s G-Dragon might face as his punishment for the inappropriateness he displayed to the minors, the fans around the globe began to voice out their dissatisfaction toward the issue in unison.

It has now reported that a thousand fans who were part of the audience on the day of the performance – in other words, the “victims” of G-Dragon’s “crime” – have joined in to form a petition to the Prosecution District. They believed his performance was not bad enough to undergo such harsh consequences.

The petition stated,

In order for a performance to be filed for being obscene, the audience must agree to it. However, the concert was not obscene to the viewers and none of us were sexually offended. We can not let a single performance degrade the quality of the whole concert.

So do you guys agree to their opinion? But come on, guys – how can a boy tying up a girl in a bed and dry-humping her while singing songs NOT be considered obscene and provocative?

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