Feb 18, 2010

John Park makes the Top 24 on American Idol!

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Last month, Korean-American John Park’s voice & charm won over the judges of American Idol (as well as the hearts of Shania Twain and many new fans) to secure a trip to Hollywood for the show with over 140 other contestants. Since then, all but twenty-four of the batch have been checked off the list. Fortunately for fans, John Park was one of the singers that earned his spot in the Top 24 tonight.

Although many people were ecstatic that John had gotten through the qualifying round, things got only harder from there. Over a short period of time, the throng of singers were cut down to twenty-four through a multitude of stages.

The selection process started off with the contestants being separated into three waiting rooms, which would either be welcomed to the next stage of the process or dismissed entirely. After Room 1 moved on & Room 2 was eliminated, Room 3 (which included John) passed to the next round with great relief, narrowing the competition down to 46.

On yesterday’s two-hour broadcast, seven finalists were chosen, leaving seventeen mystery spots for tonight’s episode. Unfortunately, John’s performance wasn’t shown in the episode, but we did get to see his reaction to getting into the Top 24. John’s moment of glory starts at 0:12… how can you not love the beast roar?

John hasn’t been getting much limelight so far (he’s the only member of the Top 24 who didn’t get a feature in Hollywood), but now that he’ll be performing live in future episodes, we’ll definitely get to see more from this charmer. The top twelve men will perform live next Tuesday, February 23 at 7PM Central on FOX; stay tuned to hear more on John Park’s journey as this season of American Idol unfolds.

Bonus: John’s solo arrangement of John Legend’s Coming Home as part of Purple Haze back at Northwestern University:

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