Feb 19, 2010

[NEWS] 100207 BEAST members like their nicknames

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BEAST, the fan's nicknames make them happy

Yong Junhyung explained their names on UFO radio. At first, those who see his name see 'Yong Junhyung' but some mistake it for 'Yongjun hyung.'

Yong Junhyung said, "Even new BEAST fans in the cafĂ© ask why it’s ‘Yongjun hyung’ instead of ‘Yongjun oppa .’ My name Junhyung has turned into 'Yon Sama' and Yongjun.

“Some fans are calling me ‘Yongjun hyung’ on purpose now,” he added.

Another Beast member Son Dong Woon is called ‘Son Arab’ by fans because of his appearance.

Son Dong Woon said, "When I was younger, a lot of people asked me if I was a mixed race, if I was really Korean, but now I think positively.

“And being called not just an Arab but an Arabian prince makes me feel good,” he revealed.

Yoon Doojoon, who almost was a member of 2PM, revealed his experience of being on 2 real documentaries. Before BEAST debut, Yoon Doo Joon and the members of 2PM and 2AM appeared in ‘Hot Blood,’ and Hyunseung was in the show ‘Big Bang’ before Big Bang’s debut. Yoon Doo Joon watched Jang Hyunseung at the time and thought, 'I want to fulfill my dream of becoming a wonderful singer,’ and now he says, “I’m amazed I’m in the same group as Hyunseung.”

In addition Hyunseung said in his spare time he goes to BEAST fan sites, galleries, and boards, wanting to strengthen the relationship between fans.

BEAST member Lee Kikwang, formerly AJ, is on a sitcom 'High Kick Through the Roof' as the role of Saeho. He reminded fans that AJ, Kikwang, and Saeho are all the same person. And Yang Yoseob, who is commonly mistaken to be the youngest in the group because of his young face, expressed his sorry heart to Son Dongwoon, who is actually two years younger.

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