Feb 18, 2010

[NEWS] 100217 2PM's Market O products recalled due to being 'a lump of germs'

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Orion Market O 'A lump of germs'

Orion's premium chocolates were found to have four times more the amount of germs than the standard.

The product was recalled on the 16th due to testing results revealing 40,000 germs for every 1 gram when the standard is less than 10,000 for every 1 gram. Upon receiving the results, the product was immediately recalled.

The product in question is a snack by Orion produced last December that has an expiration date of January 2011.

The Korean Food & Drug Administration has asked consumers to call in and return the products immediately.

Netizens have revealed responses such as, "I bought it thinking that it was a reliable product despite the heavy price. This is a disappointment."

The company will be recalling 2,025 boxes, 1,528 of which are already recalled.

Orion had already received a recall order from the Korean Food & Drug Administration last March for their 'Swing Chip' product, its test results revealing more than 3 times the standard amount of germs.

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