Feb 18, 2010

[NEWS] 100217 JoKwon-GaIn attract attention by being featured on Hong Kong's live TV

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'We Got Married' virtual couple JoKwon-GaIn are attracting netizens by being shown on Hong Kong's live TV, TVB.

JoKwon and GaIn, who are appearing as a virtual couple in MBC's 'We Got Married Season 2,' visited Noridan's Hong Kong Chinese New Year Festival as Korean representatives, visiting from the 13th and staying for four nights and five days. The fans had spotted their appearances in the TVB channel and videos are spreading quickly through the internet, becoming a hot issue.

A production-related official who had returned to Korea on the 17th said, "JoKwon and GaIn were shown on the (TVB) program live because they are Korea's representatives of Noridan in this annual Hong Kong Chinese New Year Festival."

JoKwon and GaIn have been studying English to do their best as Korea promoting missionaries in this festival. On the episode that aired on the 13th, they were shown overtaking their fear of English through the sudden visit of an Afghanistan. On the episode that will be aired on the 20th, they will be shown getting a receipt for the English school, and starting to finally study English.

One official explained, "JoKwon and GaIn are attending the Noridan Parade as Korean representatives, so in between, they will be speaking to Hong Kong citizens and promoting Korea. This is why they started studying English."

The official then added, "When Hong Kong fans came to know about the filming, they came all the way to the airport and supported the "Petite Couple." There weren't many people, but the fact that they weren't just rooting for JoKwon and GaIn separately, but as a couple, it was a very thankful and surprising experience for us."

JoKwon and GaIn's Hong Kong adventure is set to air for March 20th.

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