Mar 10, 2010

2PM tells Jaebeom to shut up?

Posted by Nez

A recent clip of 2PM including Jaebeom has surfaced that has Korean Hottests boiling with anger.

The general interpretation that many Korean netizens have been making is that he is rudely interrupted by his fellow 2PM members. While Jaebeom starts talking in the beginning of the clip, he is cut off by, who netizens think might be, member Chansung who tells him, “Jaebeomah Dakchyuh” (“Jaebeom-ah shut up”) or “Nuhneun Dakchyuh” (“You shut up”). Following the comment, you can clearly see annoyance and frustration portrayed in Jaebeom’s face.

But of course we cannot jump to conclusions. Although many netizens have agreed that Jaebeom’s face expression was clearly a reaction of being told to “shut up,” we cannot be sure that the “shut up” comment is what was actually said, as the conversation is not crystal clear. Personally, I think it sounds more like Taecyeon or maybe even a staff member, since the other 2PM member afterward, who netizens think to be Chansung (although I’m pretty sure it’s Nichkhun), talks formally. Try watching the clip over and over and you might start hearing different interpretations of what was said. At first, I did hear “Dakchyuh” but that might have just been because I was listening for those words. After a few more plays, instead I started hearing “Nuh man jo shim ha ra go” (“You be careful”).

In addition, the clip that was uploaded was clearly not the only part filmed, as there are messy cuts in the beginning. The person who uploaded it seems to have cut the clip this way to spark anger or make it seem like Chansung or Taecyeon said, “Dakchyuh.” I’m not saying that those words weren’t spoken, but why else would the person cut the clip in that fashion during such a tumultuous time, highlighting a few seconds to make Jaebeom seem like the victim? The clip from the actual footage could’ve been taken well out of context, and the only way we should believe anything is when we see the whole footage that would explain the actual situation.

Also, we should keep in mind that, even if this clip wasn’t fanmade, this one incident would not represent the entire relationship between the members, and that there are arguments and fights that lead to temporary bitterness between even the best of friends. It’s been shown in the past that the 2PM members not only considered themselves best friends but brothers… and how many of you fight with your brothers and sisters a day?

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