Mar 18, 2010

BEAST upgrades their dorm after topping Hanteo Charts

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Only 10 days after their comeback, boy band BEAST’s second mini-album “Shock of the New Era” has reached #1 on Hanteo Albums Sales Charts.

On March 10th, a representative of Cube Entertainment said, “Even before the release of their second album, BEAST had a high demand of pre-orders. We believe that this factor helped them reach #1. With 20,000 copies already sold to the public, we are planning to produce 20,000 more.”

At this rate, BEAST is bound to surpass their previous mark of 40,000 copies sold from their first mini-album.

Because of the idol group’s shocking rate of success, BEAST recently upgraded their dormitory by moving from Seoul Kangnam’s Cheondamdong District to Hwayangdong District’s Jusangbok. All six members were ecstatic to hear the news.

“In our previous dorm, the living room was so cramped that we could hardly walk around,” they said. “We couldn’t even eat together so we ate in our own room. However, now our current living room is spacious enough to practice in. Plus, we can now eat together as a group. It is three times bigger than that of our previous dorm.”

Despite their hectic schedule, BEAST still has the luxury of resting comfortably at their new dorm. The members said, “When we used to receive breaks in the past, we weren’t able to rest comfortably because of the crowded living area. However, our current dorm is very comfortable and nice. We received some time-off recently and we rested the entire time.”

Although BEAST is actively promoting their title track Shock, it isn’t the only song from their new album that has been receiving attention; Special has garnered many positive reviews as well. Seeing as how their new music and concept are being well-received by a large majority, I am certain that they will continue to shock us even more with their untapped and hidden potential.

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