Mar 24, 2010

Is G-Dragon’s height really 177cm?

Posted by Nez

A screen capture from an Inkigayo episode has been making it’s round on forums in Korea and generating interest.

As you can see from the screencap above, it’s one taken from an Inkigayo episode where Big Bang’s G-Dragon won a Mutizen award for his Heartbreaker song.

What caught the eye however was the height of each individual person being specified in the screencap, and the height value was obtained from Korean portal sides of their profile information. But one funny point was that even though G-Dragon is listed as being 177cm tall and the female MC, Ha Yeon Joo at 171cm tall, the both of them looked like they were of equal height.

Some netizens felt suspicious and wondered if G-Dragon was really 177cm while others defended G-Dragon saying that Ha Yeon Joo probably wore high heels on that day. But then again, the height disparity between Wooyoung who is just 1cm taller than G-Dragon looks to be more than that, unless someone is wearing shoe lifts.

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