Mar 1, 2010

JaeBum’s issue creates rumors, court cases, and even more problems

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Along with the news getting out that JaeBum will no longer join 2PM and that his contract came to a close, rumors, protests, and boycotts are the current issues. Rumors such as that JaeBum left because of drug use or impregnating a girl are the discussion between netizens. TaecYeon even deleted his homepage and JunSu closed it down along with ChanSung lastly leaving the words, “Chaos…” Fans are stopping by the JYP building to leave white flowers showing that without JaeBum, 2PM should be might as well “dead.”

JYP Entertainment stated that JaeBum’s leave was due to his personal reasons. Netizens started to speculate the different reasons that JaeBum might have stated. Matters such as drug use, impregnating a girl, and issues that tied back to Wonder Girls SunMi’s leave as well. For the rumors regarding SunMi and JaeBum, JYP quickly announced that there is no relations between JaeBum and SunMi, which in opposite gathered more interest on the issue. However, the speculations doesn’t end there, since there were new rumors that JYP Entertainment started the rumors.

Another issue was the assumption that JYP is making up lies to cover up the JaeBum issues without any more damage. When JYP Entertainment had announced the statement on JaeBum’s leave, they had also mentioned that 2PM had agreed to this as well. HOTTEST are currently arguing that this would have been impossible because the love 2PM members express towards JaeBum is too great. They backed up their reasons by stating all the instances they mentioned JaeBum and reflecting back too the trainee days.

Netizens are also referring to this issue as a conspiracy in general and are currently deciding whether to take this matter to court. Many are confessing that they are tired of JYP for “lying” and being nice about the JaeBum issue when clearly was decided that they were going to let go of him in the end. They are also stating that informing the public with the truth should be first, therefore asking JYP to reveal the “private” issue that was bad enough to make JaeBum leave.

In addition, it looks like the boycotts and protest will only be getting worse from here. Fans are saying, “Reveal the reason behind JaeBum’s leave,” “Stop blaming it on JaeBum and give us your position that we will be satisfied with,” and “Until when are you going to have these fake rumors that doesn’t even make sense circulate around?” Some fans turned in white flowers, which are used in funerals to show that 2PM should be might as well dead if there was no JaeBum. Other fans are calling the other 2PM members “traitors” and are showing dislike towards them for agreeing to take JaeBum out of the group.

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment will be holding a fan meeting with 100 fan representatives on the 27th.

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