Mar 21, 2010

Jung YongHwa-SeoHyun is fantasy couple with guitar-piano performance

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C.N Blue Jung YongHwa and So Nyeo Shi Dae Seohyun possess perfect fit with each other.

On MBC Music Core aired on 20th March, after their enjoyable trip to the amusement park, the 2 are back at C.N Blue’s practice room.

Jung YongHwa then asked SeoHyun to play on the piano which had him surprised. After which, the 2 started playing on their own musical instrument the OST song ‘Falling Slowly’ for movie ‘Once’. Jung YongHwa started singing the lyrics to the song, and SeoHyun harmonised along.

In their individual interview, SeoHyun said “It just came out naturally in the situation. It was fun to sing.” Jung YongHwa said, “It was good just like in the movie the characters practised and sang together.”

After a week, the 2 also had a date at the music instrument store. At the store, the 2 had a little performance again with the violin and clarinet. Jung YongHwa played the song ‘Oh!’ on the clarinet and SeoHyun played along on the violin, appearing as a fantasy couple. YongHwa also gave SeoHyun a guitar as present.

S: Newsen

Meanwhile, on the show, SeoHyun presented a letter written by her So Nyeo Shi Dae unnies to YongHwa:

  • YoonA: “Jung SeoBang, our SeoHyun is an innocent kid who don’t know about men until now. Please show her as much love as us 8 unnies have protected her all this while.”
  • Tiffany: “If you make her cry, the 8 of us will hate you”
  • HyoYeon, “It seems that her 2000krw worth ring will rust if she washes it for 10 more times”

Jung YongHwa’s response was “Whenever I met the So Nyeo Shi Dae members, I can feel the 8 members looking at me. It seems that they will not let me if I let SeoHyun down.”


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