Mar 10, 2010

KARA talks about their change for Lupin

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Girl group KARA definitely got rid of their sweet image when they prepared for Lupin. The silk and tight outfits that show off their style rather than skin is not only classy but also different from what other girl groups are doing.

In a recent interview, Goo Hara said, “Right now, I’m handling Invincible Youth and album promotions at the same time, but everyone has been recognizing me and it’s an honor. Even though I’m tired, I have so much energy.”

She continued, “We had to exercise and control our diet because of our comeback but it didn’t put stress on us or anything. We like rice over bread so we didn’t sacrifice too much.”

The member that went through the biggest change was Han Seungyeon. She cut half of her hair off and became more mature. She said, “When I first saw the sampling of the song, I was very hesitant about the image but now I’m getting used to it. Even now I wonder, am I more fitting with a cute and bubbly image?”

Goddess Gyuri said, “This is the first time KARA became ‘dark.’ Gyuri is an uncommon name so with Lupin, I want to make a name for myself.”

Nicole commented, “I lost around 11 pounds. I don’t think my new haircut is pretty. It’s boyish, but it’s a change so I’m happy with it. I like simple things so I liked this black concept for Lupin.”

Maknae Jiyoung pointed out the ice box nearby. She said, “There’s a lot of chicken breast and fruit in there. We are taking good care of our bodies. I’ve heard that I’m the cute one because I’m the maknae but I think it’s time to say goodbye to that image and those comments. I want to be a different person this spring.”

I think they pulled off their drastic change rather well. Wouldn’t you say the same?

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