Mar 19, 2010

So,There Are No Super Junior at All In KLIA

Posted by Nez
The pics above is the proof of the loyalty of Malaysian's Elf toward Super Junior.
Are you suprised with the title of this post??
Dont worry,Super Junior DO arrived in Malaysia but luckily to them,no one even saw them coming.
Pity all the Elf because some of them waited for more than 5 hours.
Me myself waited for almost three hours.

The story behind all of it??
All of us fans*ELF* wait for SUJU at the Arrival Level at KLIA.
We waited for them in front of the International Arrival Gate.
Their flight supposed to arrive at 4.45 pm.
We waited until 5.15 pm then suddenly some members of the Official MALAYSIAN'S ELF*MBOA* ran toward the lifts.
The situation turn hectic and then suddenly many other fans also ran toward the lifts and stairs.
We go up and down like crazy.
I go upstairs to the Departure Level and them
Some fans said that SUJU had already arrived and had left just a minute ago through the Departure Level.
They even show us,the dissapointed fans the video of SUJU leaving KLIA in their vans.

Less than 5 fans get to meet them.
So,can you think what the feelings of other hundreds fans who waited to meet them?
Some of the fans even cried.
The official fanclubs also didnt got the chance to meet them.

All of the fans are dissapointed and sad.
Lucky to the fans who can go to their concert because the still can see SUJU's faced but to fans who didnt go,this is their only chance.

I dont understand,why they want to avoid their own fans??

These are some of the pics that I've taken as the proof of ELF's loyalty toward SUJU.

Some of the fans waited at the stairs and brought banners.

The banners that specially made for SUJU.

Some of the fans even brought posters with them,waiting for

The excited fans who waited for them.

Blue oceans are everywhere...

Specially made banner for SUJU even though they will
not have any chance to see it.

Some fans brought presents with them.

So,that is the story for today.
No one get to meet them.

Please take out all the pics here and the story WITH FULL CREDITS okay!
To all ELF,keep on supporting SUJU!
I'm sure there is an explanation for what that happened today..

3 comments on "So,There Are No Super Junior at All In KLIA"

Anonymous said...

ohh this is so regretful! hm , but it's okayy , keep supporting our beloved suju! :)

Anonymous said...


momoe on March 22, 2010 at 12:51 PM said...

suju plezz come back fo ss3 next year!!!
i cant wait fo 2 year,,

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