Mar 10, 2010

T-ara wins over their anti-fans

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Girl group T-ara made a comeback as sexy idols this time around with I Go Crazy Because of You. The image took a 180 degree turn from Bo Peep Bo Peep to I Go Crazy Because of You. In a recent interview, they talked about their sexy concept, anti-fans and being friends with SNSD and KARA.

It was a good turn because they have been getting praised for their new concept. Their newest music video has had over one million hits. It’s also been doing shockingly well on music charts even though it’s competing up against KARA’s Lupin and SNSD’s Oh!

They said that the pressure was on for this new song. After winning a #1 on a music program, they felt they needed to comeback with something strong. Eunjung said, “If I were to say there was no pressure, I’d be lying. Also, Bo Peep Bo Peep was very cutesy and this new song is completely different. We were worried our fans were going to be turned off by that. But we wanted to show them a new side of us.”

On promoting at the same time as SNSD and KARA, they expressed, “It’s actually nicer to promote around the same time.”

Hyomin added, “We’re not trying to speak formally but we are really close with SNSD and KARA. Especially KARA, because we have the same practice room. We knew each other’s songs before they even got released, so we would sing along and stuff. We also complimented each other.”

They’ve come a far way since their debut. Eunjung finished off the interview by saying, “Honestly, we had a lot of anti-fans when we first debuted. But since we have made different types of music, fans were able to get their hopes up about us. I think they opened up their hearts after seeing our effort on stage. We’re happy about that. We have more responsibility after Bo Peep Bo Peep.”

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