Mar 21, 2010

What is T-ara up to in the Music Bank waiting room?

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Girl group T-ara was followed around by some reporters before getting up on stage to perform at Music Bank. The reporters got an idea of T-ara’s daily routines and the girls’ personalities. The cute photos and brief reveals more charm to these girls.

Eunjung is multi-tasking as she is seen with a book in one hand and a netbook on her lap. At the moment, she is reading I Say This To Her by Kim Hye Ri. Eunjung said, “I’ve always liked reading so I make sure to read before I go to bed. We have some time before going on stage so I read or surf the internet.”

She even went to the hallway by herself. When asked why she was alone, she answered with a smile, “It’s so loud in there (the dressing room). I can’t concentrate!”

Maknae Jiyeon likes to monitor all the other performances on the TV screen. She watched Outsider perform and tried to impersonate him by singing along. Though she’s not considered the rapper of the group, she sure is one in the dressing room. Soyeon complimented Jiyeon by saying, “Jiyeon is actually a very good rapper. She can definitely rap. She listens to a lot of rap music and practices by herself.”

Then, a tiny accident happened.

The side of Jiyeon’s pants ripped a little bit and she ran to her stylist with the emergency. The stylists joked that they should just rip the whole thing off.

Boram dished out about her diet. She said, “I lost around six pounds and now I’m worried I’m gaining it all back. I’m still dieting. I will try to show a better side of myself.” She packed sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes and more vegetables as her snacks.

So this is what girls do in their dressing rooms…

Stay tuned for their performance of I Go Crazy Because of You on Music Bank tonight!

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