Mar 18, 2010

Why do new members of After School have English names?

Posted by Nez

Many girls have been entering After School in the past year. First UEE joined just in time to debut with Diva, then Nana and Raina joined to replace Soyoung and now Lizzy has joined as the newest student member.

The original members all use their real Korean names, Kahi (가희), Jungah (정아), Jooyeon (주연), Becca and UEE (유진; close enough!). However, Nana (real name: Jin Ah / 진아), Raina (real name: Hye Rin / 혜린) and Lizzy (real name: Sooyoung / 수영) have gotten new English aliases for themselves. Why is that?

Pledis Entertainment rep said,

“We want to get them known to the public faster with easy English names. The English names are matched with their characters. We wanted the new members to find their place in the group fast. Another reason is that their real names interfere with other celebrities’ names.”

For example, Lizzy’s real name is Sooyoung. Not only does SNSD’s Sooyoung share the same name but the talented singer Lee Sooyoung shares the identical name as well.

I think the English names are easy to spell are definitely easy to memorize

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