Apr 30, 2010

Jaebeom Needs a Female Co-Star for Hype Nation

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Although Jaebeom’s confirmation of his role in Hollywood’s next film, Hype Nation, was recently announced, fans may have to be kept waiting due to a newly aroused conflict.

The producers of Hype Nation have been searching earnestly for a girl to star alongside Jaebeom, but to no avail. Because of Jaebeom’s controversial past, many initially interested girls dropped out after deciding that working with the ex-2PM leader would bring more bad than good. These candidates, who were chosen from the long list of female idols from Korea, were supposed play Jaebeom’s younger sister and partner in the film. Some of the invited candidates included Son Dambi and even BoA, whom one may have expected to accept the offer due to her recent activities and interests in the US.
A representative of a potential female actress explained that starring in a movie with Jaebeom would involve “too much pressure and risk […] when he has not even clarified his mistake yet.”

Producers intend to cast a member of a popular girl group for the role, but if all else fails, they will turn to a rookie with talents for dancing.
Hoping to attract some more idols, an associate for Hype Nation stated, “The nothing that it is ‘Jaebeom’s movie’ is quite strong and so it’s important that Jaebeom solves his problems beforehand. It’s highly likely that anyone [who] stars in the same movie as Jaebeom [will] be pushed into an unfavorable position by the press, since any hasty decision [may] tie their [fate] together.”
Hopefully, luck will run Jaebeom’s way after all his misfortune for the past several months. But if all else fails, the Leadja can always find solace in the fact that any of his fangirls would kill for a chance just to meet act with him, right?
Source: newsen.com
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