Apr 26, 2010

[NEWS] JoKwon mad at indifferent and unreacting+uninterested Gain

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MBC 'We Got Married (a.k.a. WGM)' Adam couple JoKwon-Gain spent a quarrelling Valentine's Day together.

On the 24th's episode of 'WGM', it showed JoKwon and Gain taking a Hong Kong honeymoon on Valentine's Day, which was also overlapped with Chinese New Year last February. JoKwon, hoping for Gain to give him Valentine's Day chocolate, presented her with headbands to keep her in a good mood, but Gain didn't react in any way. In the train that took them to Caorung from the Hong Kong International Airport, JoKwon asked, "Tomorrow's Valentine's Day, do you have anything in store" but Gain avoided the question by saying, "There's a lot of fans in Hong Kong".

JoKwon tried to come to an agreement with her, saying, "If I was in Korea, I would have gotten a lot (of chocolates) but I'm okay because I have my girlfriend and wife beside me, Gain noona" but Gain coldly confirmed, "I don't have chocolate". At this, JoKwon retorted, "Oh Bang Shil said she was going to send me chocolate from Egypt", trying to induce jealousy, but Gain replied, "Chinese New Year is more important. What couple gives each other chocolate if they got married. Chocolate exchange is for kids". Finally, JoKwon raged, saying, "We're kids too" and "Stop being so stiff".

In the interview after as well, JoKwon still seemed angry, suggesting 'Gain-Lacks-Three-Things', saying "Gain is indifferent, has no reaction, and she's uninterested". However, this was all Gain's pull-and-push plan. Gain, relaxed, said "I'm going to give him the chocolate as late as I can".

Right after the episode was aired, the viewers flooded the viewer forum with reactions like 'They're so cute quarreling with each other' 'It seems like JoKwon always loses' and 'Just date for real already'.

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