Apr 28, 2010

YG Schedule Update 2010

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Okay! For those who are YG Fans and are craving for some clearer sense of what Papa YG is planning to dish out for the rest of the year, look no further than here!

As you have already realised, Gummy has officially headed the list of YG Artists that will be bringing some new material to the music scene this year.
Gummy will be releasing her new mini album “Loveless” on the 30th and making her come back into music industry that is quite saturated with idols groups at the moment. In March 2008, Gummy released her fourth album “Comfort” and returned to the idol dominated music world after 2 years for only a short one month. She will be starting activities in the first week of May with her R&B hip hop song “Because you are a man”, which was produced by no other than Teddy, a fellow YG artist who also produced 2NE1’s Fire etc.
It seems like YG plans on leaving the first half of 2010 to be rather barren on their side, but will unleash the YG fury upon the Korean public without much of a break in the second half of the year.
After Gummy, we will see the comeback of Se7en!! On the 26th March, YG announced that Se7en will go about promoting with a new album out at the end of May. In November of 2006, Se7en came back into the spotlight after 3 years but and only promoted for a mere 6 months with his 4th album “Se7olution”. It has been announced that his new album will be a mini album. The title song has already been decided and the filming for the music video has already been completed. Representatives from YG have said: “It will have a completely different style from Se7en’s past albums”, so get excited, Se7en fans!
The third appearance in 2010 from another YG artist will be by Big Bang member Taeyang!!! In November of last year, he released his digital single “Wedding Dress” as his second solo project, and he is currently in the process of preparing for his first full album. YG reps are keeping mum about what’s happening, only explaining that Taeyang, aside from musicals, movies, etc. he is walking down a different part from his fellow Big Bang members; after he realised “Wedding Dress”, he has been putting a lot of effort into the production of his album.
After Gummy, Se7en and Taeyang, YG has decided to conclude the second half of the year with 2NE1 and Big Bang. G-Dragon, who had a very successful run last year with his first solo album “Heartbreaker” is currently in the process of helping and supporting other artists of the YG Family to produce their albums. Although there have not been confirmations for an album yet, Big Bang member Daesung has also been gathering plenty of ballad songs together and is in the process of planning for his own solo activities.
YG representatives also further stated that: “At the moment, we are in the process of working on Se7en, Taeyang and 2NE1’s albums at the same time”, and that “we are adjusting the schedules so that their activities will not overlap each other.”
Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100427n05403 // Original article translated by: GEE @ YGLadies.com
Also: about TOP’s Solo Album- according to news, it was the resident Big Bang badass himself who decided to delay his album because he wanted to concentrate on his movie “Into the Gunfire”.

SO! How is THAT for awesome news?! :D Get your YG colours on ladies and gentlemen; we’re in for an awesome year of YG goodness…not long to go now!

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