May 6, 2010

Belly Fat is the New Trend

Posted by Nez

What do you like about your favorite female idol? Their talents? Looks? Personality? If you ask the netizens, they would answer none of the above. Why? Because they are now interested in female idol’s belly fat! Just who started this trend of cute belly fat?

None other than Brown Eyed Girls’ GaIn! She recently updated her mini-hompy with a picture of her belly fat. Although we know that GaIn is pure slim, she claimed that she actually gained tons of weight during her vacation. GaIn? Fat? If so, then majority of the world would be overweight.

Adding to the belly fat member is KARA’s Goo Hara. Netizens actually complimented her belly fat that was shown during their Lupin MV. They claimed that they feel closer to Hara because it turns out that she’s not perfect and normal like them. Hara’s peek-show of belly fat shot up Lupin’s viewer ratings. Talk about the power of the belly.

Next on the relay is SNSD’s leader, Taeyeon. Her belly fat was caught during SNSD’s concert in Shanghai. Taeyeon’s weight gain received friendly responses such as ,”it seems like she was concentrated on singing instead of her belly, that’s nothing compared to me,” Is your belly bigger than Taeyeon’s?

Last member of the club is 2ne1’s Bom. Around March, many had criticized Bom for adding an extra weight during their promotions. 2ne1 members just shrugged of the issue as Sandara posted a picture of Bom eating her greens in her me2day account. Sandara stated that Bom is trying her best to stay in shape. What’s wrong with eating healthy, right?

Unveiled belly fats make netizens feel relived because they can somewhat relate. Still, there are some hate comments and criticisms going around such as “it seems they don’t take care of themselves.” But hey, who said that you have to be perfect as a celebrity? These ladies clearly did not think so.

It seems like S-Line body is so last year. If a male idol ever state that he likes belly fat, I wouldn’t be surprised. Now, all eyes are turned away from the legs, because they are now hooked in spotting more belly fat. Now, which female idol will join this belly fat club?
cr: Baek Ji Hyun
translation: ch0sshi
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