May 13, 2010

“Bonamana” bonanza

Posted by Nez

Suju‘s back… alright ?

Let me give you the recipe for a good Super Junior comeback cocktail. First, recycle the “Sorry, Sorry”

background. Alter it a bit and add some lights to give it a fresher look. Well, even in a digital way, being

eco-friendly is the hip thing. While you’re at it, borrow its rhythm too and emphasize it with some tribalish

sounds. Push the autotune to the max, it’s not like people want to hear the singers’ voices anyway. Throw in

some “Don’t Don” hip thrusts to recall the good old days when SJ was a 13-member lawsuit-free group

and sprinkle with a chorus smelling like the Super Junior H‘s performance of  “Run to you” for some extra

fun. “Bounce, baby, bounce”, oh yeah ! Now, shake everything well and top it with a little magic trick from  

Donghae, already broadcast on some TV show years ago. If you follow this recipe closely, you’ll end up

with a brand new MV with a good old days flavour leaving you with feelings as mixed as the different

ingredients of “Bonamana”. Sure, the boys look hot and dance well but is it really enough ?
Make your very own opinion on the matter by watching the MV below :

Take out with full credits.
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