May 3, 2010

The Guy Liner Trend is Taking Male Idols by Storm

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Back in the day, make-up was considered a necessity for women. That stereotypical misconception has since been broken as these days it has become increasingly common for men to get plastic surgery and use make-up.
As the casual observer of the hustle and bustle behind the scenes of the various music programs can attest, all of the singers and artists are busy getting their hair and make-up done. Even though the makeup varies per individual, the latest trend prominent for male singers’ makeup is heavy eyeliner.

After 4 weeks of holding off live broadcasts, KBS finally aired it’s regular Music Bank program on the 30th of April. The group of performers who took part in the program consisted of top singers and groups such as Rain, Lee Hyori, SNSD, After School and Secret, as well as some of the newly debuted artists such as Jerry and Soya N Sun

During the filming of Music Bank, rising idol groups 2AM, ZE:A, U-Kiss and F.cuz were all seen to be fashionably sporting the thick eyeliner look as well. The eyeliner is so thickly applied that if they were to blink or close their eyes slightly, bold creases or make-up cracks on the eyelids would appear. In addition, the duo NoRaJo who were making their comeback, were also in trend sporting the thick eyeliner concept.

In response to the sudden influx or change in make-up trends from female to male performers, one representative stated, “If the female singers are doing smokey makeup, then the male singers are doing extremely thick eyeliner to intensify their look. It makes their eyes pop more on stage.
A different representative reaffirmed that indeed thick glam-rocker eyeliners are here to stay as “Nowadays, the heaviness of the male singers’ makeup is catching up to the female singer’s makeup. Even if they don’t use any other kind of makeup, eyeliner is most usually always used.
However, there is a certain price to be paid for wanting your eyes to “pop” on stage as one singer who was about to perform so aptly stated, “Because our eyeliner is so thick, we cannot close our eyes on stage. There can’t be any images of that captured and uploaded on the internet” he shuddered at the thought.

The increase in the thickness of guyliners are meant to increase the intensity of the male singers’ gazes, for as they say, the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. You do have to question though: Does increasing and piling on the glamliners add to the beastly and sultry effect? Or does it simply mean that every male artist is conforming rather than trying out something different?

Now, as this trend has caught on as standard stage make-up issue, male singers simply cannot forget to put on their eyeliner. While this does not mean that chaos and eager netizen scrutiny would ensure if a certain male singer forgot his eyeliner, some male singers are taking their make-up to a whole other level. These conscious perfectionists apply even more where thick eyeliner is already present. Perhaps, the thicker the liner, the more intense the gaze they’ll be able to show.

In his most recent comeback promotions, Rain employed a new eyelash concept with the same intention of making his eyes look more intense. It can be said that Rain’s daring eyelash concept took off with great effect as it immediately caught the attention of many. The image of his intense eyes can be seen on his album jacket and he wears them for his performance on stage as well.
As soon as this was revealed, many have been curious as to just how many other kinds of make-up male singers use. How about foundation products? For a start, do male artists use BB Cream? What do you think?

Afterall, under all those bright stage and camera lights, it is necessary that make-up be applied to all idols, male and female, otherwise it’ll be difficult to make out their features. On another note, just how much make-up is enough?
Source: Lee Uhn Hyuk @ Newsen
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