May 6, 2010

Sean’s sons are Taeyang’s mini-me’s?

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Singer Sean recently posted up photos of his 2 sons on his minihompy.
Sean and his wife Jung Hye Young welcomed their third child into the world on June 14th, 2009. He uploaded pictures of the beautiful baby boy on his Cyworld in October, but the public hasn’t seen the baby since then.

On May 2nd, Sean updated his minihompy with 2 posts with the titles “Harang-ee” and “Hayul-ee.”
For Harang-ee’s photo, Sean left an amusing caption that read “Harang-ee = TaeYang.” Dressed in a New York Yankees baseball cap, Sean’s son showed off a cool pose that would have given the Big Bang member a run for his money.

Netizens’ comments on the photo included, “He looks just like Sean oppa!“, “They look prettier the older they get,” and “He really does look like Taeyang oppa.

For the caption of his 3rd son’s picture, he wrote, “Do you like my kids?
The maknae child was dressed up in a leopard costume. These are prime embarrassment material! If you thought that your parents showing your baby pictures to friends was bad, imagine if a whole COUNTRY saw them. Makes you feel sorry for little Hayul, doesn’t it?

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