May 24, 2010

Which Idol Can Concentrate the Best?

Posted by Nez
On this week’s broadcast of SBSStar King, a test was done to the present celebrities, testing how well they could concentrate.

Out of a scale of 0 to 100, comedian Kim JongMin only had a concentration level of 5. Even worse, host Kang HoDong had no concentration level at all.

After the concentration tests were done, celebrities had concentration races. Each contestant would have a headset that measured concentration. The amount of concentration one had would determine the speed of a race car.
First up was f(x)’s Krystal against U-KissAlexander. In the beginning, Alexander’s car sped up quickly that it would get stuck in the track at times. Krystal made an effort to catch up to Alexander, but he won anyways. Earlier, Alexander was tested to have a concentration level of 70, putting him at an advantage as he had the highest concentration level out of all the celebrities present.

Next, f(x)’s Luna competed with U-Kiss’ Kevin. The two had close concentration levels, so it was a close race. At first, Luna’s car was in the lead, but Kevin’s car was able to beat Luna’s car near the end of the race.
Although the boys of U-Kiss reigned victorious in these concentration races, concentration doesn’t vary by gender, as Kang HoDong had an extremely low concentration level. Out of your favorite idol group members, who do you think can concentrate the best?
Thanks to Kelly Kim for the tip!

[note to editor: there's no source since Kelly was technically the source]

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